Essential tools for digital marketing

4 Essential Tools for Digital Marketing

Essential tools for digital marketing

At the present time, digital Marketing is overcoming the past analog. In this matter, you can’t deny it. People are using more digital content on daily basis from their laptop, smartphones and more. Without delay, point is that you need to recognize the need for adopting Digital Marketing.

I have generated a list of some top and most in use Digital Marketing tools. Do you want to make effective and easy digital marketing campaign? I’ll teach you how to do digital marketing with the help of tools that make your work easy and smart.

1)    Managing your Social Media Campaigns:

HootSuite is the best tool for posting your updates on social media and to review what others are saying about your niche. Most of the people think that Hootsuit is the free tool for reviewing and posting social media updates but they don’t know that it can be used as a management tool for Social media. It will make you able to post the same content to all main social network including Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, review your messages. As long as the paid version of HootSuite is amazing, it allows you to add IMO tracking and extra reports to your tool.


2)    Understand your Audience Search Behavior:

Search engines are driving most of the visits, sales and leads for every online business. You don’t need to outsource your SEO need, you need to understand your customer behavior when searching to develop your strategies for getting more visibility and creating content to meet customer needs.

Google Keyword Planner is the best tool to suggest the keyword for getting more customer engagement and good visibility in search results. As a marketer, there will be no client training or consulting project where you’ll not use it. It’s is integrated into Google AdWords, but it’s free of cost if you are not investing in AdWords.


Google insights are essential tool to know about your target audience search behavior trends in various countries. Insight is now folded into Google Trends.

Up to the present time, Ubersuggest is the useful tool for a suggestion and auto-complete the search behavior in different countries to check your main behaviors.

3)    Competitors site Bench-marking:

Google AdPlanner is unbeatable for measuring and comparing audience size and dimension.  Ad Planner is merged into AdWords as Campaign Planner and only media sites have access to it. It is useful for partner and media sites for finding size and quality of their audience. One more thing, Google Placement Targeting Tool is also used for re-marketing and research.


For Bench-marking use ‘Similar Web’, it provides free stats on all sites including referrers. Similar Web launched in 2013. Time to time it creates best and effective output for bench-marking.

4)    Back links and Off-page Analysis for SEO:

There are many tools available for Back links and Off-page analysis. Back link history is great for bench-marking of others success in gaining valuable Back links.

I recommend Majestic and Moz Open Site Explorer as “must use” tool for analysis of back links and your off page SEO. To make your Digital Marketing campaigns great you must need to improve skill from any Digital Marketing Institute, practice and best tools. Try to explore new methods for your campaigns. Prepare yourself and allow best tools to help you.



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