Elements for a successful social media campaign

4 Key Elements for a Successful Social Media Campaign

Elements for a successful social media campaign

You probably already know that a well-integrated social media campaign is truly an essential part of your digital marketing strategy. There are many social media platforms and activities in today era. As a social media campaign handler, it’ll difficult for you to know where to focus your energy. It’ll work truly for both a personal and a business level.

In 2018, you’ll need to narrow down your social media platforms and approaches to take advantages of them. Obviously, you will need to adapt some variations according to your business and strategy but at the end, your hard work will be paid off.

Here are my 4 key points for making your social media campaign successful

1. Know your Audience Persona:

As a social media campaign handler, if we get everything about our target audience, it would be pretty easy to generate business. But truth is that we can’t completely get inside our audience head. Although artificial intelligence helps us to understand audience behavior and many other things we can’t know what our readers are thinking. However, with proper research, we can get a gist of the things our readers and customers are looking for and then create a strategy for it.

Your persona is all about “describe” your ideal visitor in order to allow you to attain your audience attention and meet your marketing goals. The best practice is creating multiple version of your persona and tests them as a part of your different strategies.

Here are the important elements that are essential to observe as you build your buyers persona:

Audience interest

Their financial status

Audience location

The work type that a person may be performing

Their emotional points

Audience age

The way the shared content

Things their social circle likes to do

Their life goals

These elements need ongoing research and will be continually used to create and edit your overall social media campaign.

2. Social Media Platforms Research:

Here are some important points for your social media platforms research that can work better for your social media campaign

Facebook & Twitter Polls:

Facebook and Twitter both provide an amazing feature “Pool”. You can use this tool to find what your customers are looking for with respect to your business and products. A pool is free of cost and extremely useful tool. It is the main reason that many social media markets are using this tool to target their marketing audience. It is best opportunity to do market research but at the same time, many people take pool as fun especially when you design a pool like quizzes.

Survey Monkey:

This social media marketing tool has been around for a long time and it is the most popular tool when it comes to creating polls, survey and another type of questioner things. Survey Monkey is affordable and user-friendly for both social media campaign handler as well as the simple user.


Typoform is a great starting point and free tool when it speaking of quizzes. You can create customized polls and quizzes for your audience and can share them on email or social media platforms. The best thing about type form is user-friendly and totally free of cost.

3. Be on the Lookout for New Tools:

There is much social media campaign handler tool in the market that can help you to organize your social media. The list of these tools is getting longer day by day. Here are some examples of these useful tools that can make your social media campaign more smooth and result-oriented.

BuzzSumo and Crawlytics are using to build an audience by simply entering a search keyword or URL. These tools help you to measure your industry competition as well as how active your audience is in your business.

There’s also an amazing tool Yotpo that can gather user’s content and even integrate with Instagram. This tool gathers other people’s Instagram photos with their permission and put them in your feed. They have user-friendly interface and an automated workflow.  You can use these images on your own website in a way of promoting original content by using your products and services.

Refind can help you to create amazing content by saving and organizing your favorite links. All you need is to use the extension feature and add a tag. Refind will tell you how popular this link is. Plano helps social media campaign handler to make their voice strong over Instagram. It gives a look at each post how it’ll show as an aggregate grid.

4. Facebook Ad Campaign:

Facebook remains at the top when it comes to create and handle a social media campaign. Its ads are one of most affordable and efficient ways of marketing your brand on the world’s most favorite social media platform. Social media marketers are handling their customer services with automating Messenger to do it at the right time. It can provide you best information about user preferences which will let you improve your social media campaign father.

There are many elements you need to learn for creating a perfect Facebook campaign. You need to learn how to measure user behavior on your ads perfectly. Last but not least, you can create an ad campaign by targeting life events which Facebook offers a lot of data for.

Facebook ad campaign makes you able to target your current and new customers in multiple ways. You can use them to create a subscription list. Facebook ads have an exciting feature called “Create Lookalike Audience”. It allows you to find a new audience with similar interest or preferences as your current one.


As a social media marketer, you need to develop a marketing strategy ahead of time that works efficiently with rest of your digital marketing campaign to build a strong presence over online market. Last but not least, don’t afraid to keep experimenting!


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