Seo tips for ecommerce store

4 SEO Tips for Ecommerce Store

Seo tips for ecommerce store

E-commerce store owners have to give first priority to SEO in their marketing strategies. You can’t generate good sales without your strong presence on Search Engines. SEO plays an active role in improving your ranking on the search engines result page.

Here are my 4 SEO tips for eCommerce store owners to increase their ranking in search engines results

1. Make sure search engine can find your website:

The first step towards your eCommerce store good search engine ranking is to make sure your website is properly indexed. Apart from that pages which you don’t want in front of your user, all other pages must be indexed properly.

In case you didn’t index your website, submit your URL directly to Google and also submit your eCommerce store sitemap using the search console. You have to do the same process in Bing case too. Later, check error report on Search console from Google and identify the pages that do not crawl due to an error.

2. Check Your Site Responsiveness and load time:

A survey told that there are more mobile phones on earth than human beings. 62% sales on eCommerce store are done from mobile screen. So, to make your eCommerce store more visible, you need to make its response. Check your website responsiveness by taking the mobile-friendly test. You need to make those pages responsive which are not rendering well on mobile screens.

You have to instruct your developer to make a mobile responsive design that performs well in all sizes. It’ll enhance your user experience.

Focus on your e-commerce store load time. Your visitor doesn’t have much time to wait for the website to load. Identify the elements affecting your load speed and try to remove them. Follow the instruction provided by the tool and try to improve your page load speed on daily basis.

3. Fix Plagiarized Content Issues in your eCommerce store:

Plagiarized content can create huge problems for you when it comes to optimizing your eCommerce store. It can make the penalty for you from different search engines algorithms and your eCommerce store might be suspended due to it.

You need to create a list of duplicate pages by using proper tools. Once you have the list of such pages, disallow those pages to be indexed in search engines. There are several URL parameters created when internal search queries are entered. Duplicate content can create more than one URL for the same query. You need to block such URLs as your first priority.

Thin content can create the bad impression of your website on search engines. Thin content is like synonyms, two pages on your eCommerce store having same meanings, for example, one selling baby clothes online and the other selling cheap clothes online. Try to overcome such thin pages and merge them by using 301 redirecting one URL to another.

4. Identify & Fix Missing Title, Descriptions & Alt Text

The missing elements in your eCommerce store optimization can create a bad impact for you. You need to use proper tools to find out the pages that are missing title, Meta description, and alt text. Add proper text to missing elements.

Your focus keyword in your alt text, Meta description, and title can be your cause for high ranking in search engine result page. Try to put your focus keyword in these missing elements. Keep in mind, each page of your website must have the unique title, Meta description, and alt text.

Run an e-commerce store is not a piece of cake. You need to monitor its performance on daily basis to generate good revenue. Follow these 4 core tips and help your eCommerce store to optimize better for more conversions.


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