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4 Smart ways to Earn Money from Your Website Traffic

earn money

Making money from your website is not a fairy tale any more. It’s possible for everyone to earn money from his/her website. In fact, you can change your part-time or hobby blog into your earnings resource. All you need is a bit of luck and some hard work.

At the very least investment, you just need to afford basic expenses for a domain and hosting services. After it, you might be even able to increase your income resources.
Before reading all my given tips, keep in mind that these tips range from easy tasks to ones that require a bunch of on-going work. So, make sure you pick something that is according to your site and lifestyle preferences.

1)    Google Ad-sense (Pay per Click Advertisement)

Ad-sense allows publishers to run other advertisers ads on their website by tapping into Google’s immense advertising network.

The best thing about Ad-sense is its simple procedures. After your signup on Ad-sense, Google will place a code on your website to identify the content of your website. An advertisement will display relevant to your content. For example, if your website is about digital marketing, Google AdSense will start showing your visitors ads for SEO, Content Marketing courses and more.

You will get paid every time someone clicks on the ad. There will be hardly cut from 0.50$ to 5$ per click and when your site has the huge audience, you can make hundreds each month.
Before applying on Adsense, make sure you read their Terms of Service. Google has very strict regulations so, it’s hard to get approved and maintain on Adsense.

2)    Sell Ad Space:

Another way to earn money from the website is to simply sell your ad space to brands looking to sponsor different websites. For example, you can draw a price for each space like Top banner ads will cost $xxx per week.

Sell ad space earning is based on how many visitors you get on your website. Typically it is done as the dollar amount per thousand visitors.

The good thing about Ad space is that if your site gets the huge amount of traffic from different resources, your banner ad pricing can go up to $7000 per month. At the same time, if your site doesn’t get more traffic, you can’t expect to earn as much either.

3)    Affiliate Links:

One of the most popular ways to earn money from the website is Affiliate marketing or Affiliate links. It is a procedure of finding a product you like and would recommend. After it, you advertise and promote it to your website visitors. If your audience engaged with this product, they will click on your affiliate link and after purchasing the product/service you will get a split of a sale price.

This split price can be anywhere from 30% to 70% of the service price. So for example, if the share is 50% and you promote a mobile phone that costs $100, you’ll get 50$ for just referring the buyer.

You can find products to promote at commission junction, ShareASale, and Clickbank.

4)    Publish Sponsored posts and Articles:

One of the finest ways to make money from your website is publishing others sponsored posts an article with mentioned no follow tag. Once you succeed to generate steady traffic to your website, there are some other possibilities to cash your hard work.

For example, the number of brands is looking their way to blogs that will publish their sponsored articles. This technique work for brands because it still lines up with your site’s content so, it looks more relevant and more transparent.

For example, if your website is all about food, the owner of restaurants would love to have you review and feature their restaurant to your fans.

If it does well, this can create a win scenario. At the same time, if it did poorly, it can finish all of the reader’s attention, you worked so hard to gain this attention.

These are the 4 main ways to earn money from a website. Deploy one of these on your website and start making handsome amount.


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