4 tips for writing great CV for Digital Marketing


CV is first knock on any door; it is your first impression on recruiters. Research said that for advertised job recruiters spend as little as six seconds looking at your CV. Its means a little sentence can make a good impression of you.

How can you catch the high attention of recruiters in such a high demand of digital marketers? Here I summed up my top tips for getting attention on your digital marketing job hunt and write best Digital Marketing CV.

1)    Know Your Value and Sell yourself:

First thing is to know your worth in market to establish yourself effectively. Introduction on your CV tells about how you are as an employee so, makes sure that elements in the introduction are those you are proud of.

Do you use words like “punctual, hard-working” to convey yourself as a talented digital marketer? If it’s the words, you are on wrong path mate. You need to stay away from such clichés to really sell yourself. Have you worked for industry big brands? Can you deliver KPIs again and again? Can you make more sales? What can you bring to your new place? These are more interesting things than an attendance role.

Firstly decide what you are going to say; now decide a way to how you are going to say it. Avoid placing text block in an introduction, to be very honest, it won’t be read.

Decide why you should hire and convey it in the most clear way to your recruiter.

2)    Keep it Simple:

Making things simple is the best advice that every expert given in many walks of life and most of our frequently ignored it. In this case, while you are writing your CV, you should not ignore this Golden rule.

You need to stand on following six things while you are looking to fill a job and it will show the best result to you. You just need to be clearly labeled and easy to read on these points

  1. Name
  2. Your Current Job
  3. Your Previous Job
  4. Current Job Date
  5. Previous Job Date
  6. Your Qualification

As a digital marketer, you need to create a catchy design or sell yourself with the help of info-graphics. I know it’s not necessary but it works. Avoid design that diverts the reader from your key information. Your design and layout have to be functional. Recruiters only summarized your credentials to see if you make the shortlist or not

Don’t overload information in your CV; make it easy to read and simple in its design and layout too.

3)    Know Your Reader:

Rewriting your CV, again and again, is a difficult thing, but it has worth. Take it as a marketing exercise. Create multiple templates of your CV and tailor the content on that template according to desired job role and highlight the most relevant aspects of your skill.

Recruiters attracted toward the language that matches the role that they want to fill. Draw your CV according to your audience; tailor it with best highlights of your skills to get attention from recruiters.

4)    List Your Qualification:

Qualification is core part of your CV; recruiters are not just summed up on what you did in college. For Digital marketing jobs, Professional Certification from Digital Marketing Institute can be the bridge between your interview and your recruitment.

If you are up-schilling and update yourself with recent industry changes you will get more chances to be recruited from a well-reputed organization.  Your education summarized your skills, make the most of them.

I have summarized all the key points to write a great CV for Digital Marketing job. Apply these elements to your Digital Marketing CV and be ready to be a part of the well reputed company.


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