types of content

4 Types of Content to Get Links on Your Website

types of content

Content is king of all Digital Marketing techniques. Content can be used for multiple purposes such as attracting your audience, getting more traffic on search engines. However, one of major goal for creating content on your website is attracting links from blogs and top news publishers.

To be successful in content marketing and link building you must know for whom you are creating your content? You create different content according to a different niche and targeted audience. If you create different content to target same people, your audience gets bored and you won’t broaden the variety of link on your content.

There is the bunch of content types that can attract links and if you cover as much as can, you’ll give yourself the best possible chance of getting links across the market sharks.

I’ve listed best content types to get more links on your website and if you invest your hard work in it you will reap your fruit when they are ready.

1)    Reference Content:

Saying with statistics is one of biggest reasons for linking on the web. So, increase statistics by backup people’s argument and you will have a great chance for getting featured whenever that topic is written about. You don’t need to do the in-depth study for creating new data, you just need to collect information that already out there.

Hub-spot statistics page with 2056 linking domains is the great example of this. Price of travel with 17 linked domains down the cost of the variety of cities and the best example for pricing pages.

2)    Do a Study:

People are always in search of some new stuff so, try to do a new research especially on a topic or angle that people are struggling with is the best approach to getting links.

This approach is time taking and needs more hard work but once you implement your effort it will turn into a recurring study and will create an ongoing opportunity for you.

Don’t need to be spending lots of time or be too concerned and ending up with a result different to your desired hypothesis either.

Mail-chimp is the best example of it. They did a study on email subject length and their post links from 68 domains and many of them are powerful sites among them.

3)    Maps:

Another powerful tool for getting links is creating a map that provides a sort of information. Using maps you can illustrate information from around the globe which means you can target any country audience with a topic about their country and nation.

If that topic is capable enough, news publications of

News publications of that country feature them if that topic is capable enough and it is a popular style adopted by journalists and content writer for the content on their own websites. If you follow Reddit properly, you will likely find a good flow of links.

4)    Info-graphics:

Info graphics are the easiest way to get links but people are still doing it wrong. Combination of some graphics with figures is not enough to get you links and coverage. You must create info-graph in a way that it delivers a good piece of information that people need to use as a reference.

While creating info-graphics think of a story that you and others want to tell. Use solid information and then create the elegant piece of visual art to highlight that angle.

Info-graphics are greater for links from other sites working on your niche. You can get links from as well as some big fishes like Business Insider and Buzz-feed. It might be lead you a way to getting links from national news publications too

So, you are ready to work hard and get long-term benefits. These types of content can bring more and more links on your website and you can proud of!


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