new ideas for content writing

4 ways to Generate New Ideas for Content Writing

new ideas for content writing

Content Marketing is hard job. Anyone who says it is not, probably he hasn’t done it. This hard work varies from person to person according to your job roles or responsibility. If you’re in placement then making way to a right publisher is a hard job but if you’re in strategy maker then fetching the best type and mix of content is difficult.

On the other hand, if you have the primary role in content marketing then it means you are on target and your tough job is on his way with enough good ideas.

Once you’ve got the idea, content writing is much easy but first of all “once you’ve got the idea mate” and good content ideas don’t come easily but with the passage of time I’ve learned and developed some techniques that make me the front man on “Idea land”. So, I have a long list of ideas for creating my content now and when the deadline is arriving it’s just a matter of picking up a right idea and getting down to work.

Here is the list of my techniques for how I generate fresh ideas for my articles:

1) Get Content Eyes:

Content eyes mean developing the skill to see content everywhere. By far training yourself for content eyes is one of most essentials skill you can have as a content writer.


Now whenever you’re reading something, listening podcast, watching a video or attending a presentation, try to have your one eye and ear on the content itself to learn from it and other eye and ear getting for new content ideas.

Any kind of content you see can be a source of new ideas, even if it doesn’t directly relate to your usual topic niche. For example, the word “content eyes” was originally discovered by the movie “The Sixth Sense”.

Now, when you’re viewing any type of content, look for the following things

· Questions all the things:

In general, Questioning is a good thing. It protects you from being tricked or fooled and helps you to learn new things. On the other hand, questioning can also stimulate many new content ideas. Whenever you read, ask why is that so? How does the author know it? What’s being left here?

Write down such questions arise in your mind and then explore them to create new ideas.

· Activate your Questions Radar:

You should not focus only on your own questions but the questions of others too. It can be great for creating new content ideas. On blog posts, you can see some questions from other readers that either incorrectly answered or go unanswered. If you know the answer, instead of just answering the comment on the post, note it down as something should write on it. Mostly if one person has a question, many have it and you could conclude it by writing the massive piece of words that all those peoples are referred to.

2) Clear The Fog:

Another way to create new ideas is to look for bugs, issues, and misunderstandings that you can sort out. If you’ve become an expert in any field you write about, you’ll see people discussing or writing about your topic with confusion and critical thinking.


Instead of leaving any bad comment or getting upset, note your thoughts on how you can clean up these misunderstandings.

  • What are the missing things?
  • Where are the misunderstandings?
  • What’s the best way to approach the issue?

This doesn’t mean that your content has to be changed but actually, you can generate positive attitude and content of such observation. Create content that can point out the best solution as no one has before.

3) Broaden your Horizons:

Content producers who get stuck for new ideas are those who have the narrow area of interests. They spend much time only on reading and researching there are of interest. It is necessary for becoming an expert but at the same time, it can also limit the possibilities for generating new ideas and creativity for content.


To get new ideas that lead you towards valuable content, you need to be able to think about “infinite things which nature never created”. In other words, you need to find the way of thinking that helps you to see your niche in a method no one else has before.

If you only read or search only about your own interest, you are minimizing your possibilities and while you’re reading a book or watching a serial, keep your content writer eyes open and think about how you can apply these learning to whatever you usually write about.

My personal suggestion for you is to do whatever you can to broaden your interests and content you devour.

4) Be Notable:

All the above things I mentioned will get you nowhere if it ends up being forgotten. The final thing for generating an endless flow of new ideas is you must get in the habit of getting notes.


All successful content writers keep some kind of notebook. No matter in which form you are noting it, important that it’s always accessible and that it’s something you’ll use. You’ll need to develop a habit of writing down anything probably everything that can possibly give you article post idea.

To be a successful content writer, it’s not just enough to note down any idea or fragment that comes to you. You also need to regularly browse that list of ideas sparks to ignite a flame.

The key points I mentioned above, if you turned them into your habits. It will become the water of new ideas flowing into that pipeline for content writing.


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