digital marketing terminologies

5 Basic Digital Marketing Terminologies that You must Know

digital marketing terminologies

Digital marketing trends are changing time to time. New tools and technologies are coming in industry up to present time. So, in this fast growing era, you must know about basic terminologies of digital marketing to survive in industry.

Here I listed all basic terminologies that you must know to pursue your career in digital marketing:

Search Engine Optimization:

At this instant, SEO is core part of digital marketing. Whenever you enter a query in search engine, all the result will be shown according to that query. As the user has more attention towards the first page of the query result, the point is that why some websites have the high ranking and some don’t then that is because of Search Engine Optimization the powerful web marketing technique.

Social Media Marketing:

In the current era, Social Media platforms are one of biggest ways to attract the target audience. Increasing website traffic or attention of the audience through social media platforms is SMM.

Social Media Marketing will assist you to achieve numbers of goal such as

  • Website Traffic
  • Brand Awareness
  • Creating positive brand association
  • Communication and interaction with the target audience.

Email Marketing:

Email marketing is one of most amazing marketing techniques to keep in touch with the audience. It uses low cost and if done properly can generate loyalty and more brand awareness. There are the bunch of benefits with email marketing. If you used in a proper way it will deliver you the time saving, cost effective and interactive.

Content Marketing:

Content marketing can help you to stand above the crowd, get you heard and make a long-lasting relationship with followers.

Video Marketing:

At the present time, video message has 10 times more strong impression on the audience than text. You’ve got YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and snap chat having video choices in their applications. People watch videos more on mobile and that can help to target your audience with video content.

These are the fundamentals that everyone must know to pursue his/her career in digital marketing.


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