sucsessfull marketer

5 Magic Tricks for How to become a Successful Digital Marketer

sucsessfull marketer

Digital Marketing is one of dream job.

Digital marketer has all the perks provided by technology companies as well as six-figure salary, unlimited vacation, flexible timings and work from home facility too.

So, are you wanted to have a successful career in digital marketing or to polish your skills on the current job? Then go nowhere, You are in right place. I’m here to help you.

Here are 5 magic tricks that will tell you how to become a successful digital marketer.

1-Writing and Editing:

The first thing comes out from our magic box is “Writing and Editing”. The most important skill to have as a successful digital marketer is writing and editing. There is not a single role in digital marketing job where you don’t have to write and edit. Importance of content marketing can’t be denied. You must know how to write a content that generates traffic, how to make a blog post great and how to convert a floozy content in a masterpiece. If you get grip on writing and editing of content you will get far in your digital marketing career.


Look what our magic box brings for you! “ SEO”. Organic search results clicked 8.5xtime more than paid search results. SO, understanding and utilizing search engine optimization is necessary to establish yourself in the digital marketing industry. Despite the learning of “white hat SEO ” that includes content marketing, guest blogging, you should also have sound knowledge of technical SEO tactics such as title tags, metadata, taglines and last but not least keywords research.

Keywords are core part of digital marketing. So, to become a successful digital marketer you must know how to include keywords in your blogs, websites, and PPC to generate results for the companies you are work for.

3-Paid Social Media Advertising:

There was a time when social media was free of cost but it was past things. Now social media charged you for displaying your own content. What a business strategy it is— anyhow, the best way to ensure your presence and get your content distributed to more audience is social media paid to advertise.

So, our magic box instructs you to learn more about <a social media advertising />. You must know how to write content, its lengths and other variations, image quality and utilization on social media. It’ll help you to build a successful career in real meanings.

4- Enhance your Skill with Updated Technology Tools and Platforms:

Some years ago, Marketers job was only to manage and run advertising agency but now the trend is changed. Marketers must have sound knowledge of latest technologies and tools required for his/her work.

There is a bulk of free tools and their guidebook available online. Try to learn and enhance your skill with these latest tools. Here I quote some of best tools for marketing:

  • Facebook Insight
  • Buffer
  • Twitter analytics 1
  • Google analytics
  • Hoot-suite

These tools also provide their premium version that has more features and functions.

Some of best platform to work on them are here

  • Mail Chimp
  • iContact
  • Planning and spending Manager
  • Marketing Asset Manager


Our magic box is asking, do you know basics of HTML and CSS? If not, then you must learn it.

As a digital marketer sometimes you need to change website content such as changes in headings, titles or taglines.If you can do a dive in website code for updating the title or taglines, it will save your time from going to a custom website developer or your technical team.

Follow these magic rules to become a successful digital marketer and get a job you have ever dreamed.


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