5 Presentation tools that will Increase Your Audience Engagement


Tools you use for creating a presentation define either you are delivering a good presentation or great presentation. No matter where are you delivering your presentation, on a conference or on another type of event, presentation tools mean most.

Be conscious while you are choosing your tool. The right tool for creating a presentation can help you to make your audience attraction strong towards you. It’ll enhance their interest and make them more engaged with you.

To give you good direction, here I round-up 5 best presentation tools that can help you to create more catchy and interesting presentation.

Tools for Building Best Presentation:

1.      Canvas:

If you want to make your presentation more catchy, but you don’t know how to design, don’t worry Canva might be the best solution for you.

With tons of fonts and layout options, canvas has more than 8000 templates to enable you to customize your presentation according to your wish. There is also the library of images and most of them are totally free.

In free version Canva let you add 10 team members with 1 GB of storage. To enjoy more features you can try Canva paid version.

2.      Prezi:

One of best tools for creating the presentation is Prezi. Its best part is let you show your audience big picture view of your presentation, and then zoom in each slide.

Prezi makes your message front and center which will help you to organize your thoughts. Your audience will have the curiosity for “What’s the point of all this again?” in the middle of your presentation.

Prezi has the free version but to enjoy more features and functionality you can try their paid version.

3.      Google Slides:

Do you need a simple and straightforward presentation? Google slides are for you.

With plenty of templates, google slides let you insert images, charts and other media with a few clicks and above all of it, it makes easy for multiple people to work on the same presentation together.

The beauty of Google Slides is it is free and run on both PC and Mac.

4.      Keynote:

Keynote is simple but famous presentation creation tool. It’s only for MAC and iOS users and easy to learn the tool. It offers a bunch of themes and features for you.

Keynote enables you to collaborate with your team members. You can work from any iOS device even from your iPhone to a web browser. The presentation generated by keynote can be export as Power point or PDF files. Good news for PC users, they can use keynote by logging into

Keynote is totally free of cost.

5.      Slide Share:

How can we forget Slide share? Spread your presentation after you deliver it and make it keep working for you by uploading it to Slide Share.

On Slide Share, your slides can be viewed worldwide and it’ll useful way to increase your reputation and content value without putting any extra effort. Slide Share is free of cost and compatible with PowerPoint, Keynote, and OpenOffice presentation.

To make your presentation great you must need skill, practice and best tools. Try new ways of incorporating media into your slides. Be prepared and use best tools to help you.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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