5 Social Media Marketing Trends to Watch in 2018

The blessing and curse of social media marketing is how fast it evolves and many things can be change in 365 days. In 2018, social media will be even more advanced as numbers of new technologies are coming related to social media change.

Here are top 5 social media marketing trends to prepare for 2018

1. The rise in the Cost of Social Advertising:

The time of getting organic traffic free of cost has passed. You have to admit that to gain any kind of social audience you need to have a solid advertising budget. Overall 12% of digital ads has increased year-over-year. Brands have realized that social media marketing is a cost-effective way to target a specific group of customers.

Competition in social advertising is very high. According to recent survey CPM on Facebook has risen 171% and average CPC has increased 136%.

So, to survive in social media marketing, you need to increase your budget in 2018. Otherwise, consider yourself already behind your competitors.

2. Increasing popularity of Instagram Stories:

Instagram has 50 million more users than a snapshot. Although Instagram stories are hardly 2 months old over 200 million people use Instagram stories each month. If things go same then half of Instagram users will be using its Stories by the end of 2018.

Its means brands that are using Instagram to attain audience attention need to add Instagram Stories to their focus list. Otherwise, you’ll already behind your industry competitors.

3. The video will Take Center Stage:

Social media videos progress well in 2017 but in 2018 video content will prove to be a core part of your content marketing strategy. Videos content over social media gets 1200% more engagement and shares than text and images combined.

The audience understands 95% of a content message when they watch it in a video and only 10% understanding when they see it in the text. It is estimated that in 2019, the video will take 80% of all consumer internet audience. So, you need to take video content seriously and add it to your social media marketing campaign. It’ll beneficial for your business to make its appearance strong in the social media world.

4. Increasing brand participation in messaging platforms:

Messaging platforms are entertaining over 2.5 billion people globally and brands are still focused on connecting with people on social networks.

In 2018, it is expected that brands will invest their more time and effort on messaging platforms to connecting with their customers. Voice assistants, chatbox and artificial intelligence will give brands an opportunity to offer a personalized shopping experience to their consumers on messaging platforms like Whatsapp, Kik, and Messenger.

5. Rethinking Twitter:

Twitter has not made a good performance in 2017. Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn got more social media followers than twitter. But in 2018, Twitter management will rethink and redesign their platform strategy to make their position strong in the market again.

Twitter can sell their company to private investors. They can change their platform including some subscription element or amendments in Twitter advertising options. Currently, it is fallen behind other social media marketing platforms.


In 2018, a number of new social media trends will affect users and brands experience with social media marketing. Video content and virtual reality will win the game. Additionally, brands will start showing their interest towards new social [platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. Lastly, Twitter and Facebook will most likely change their policies to save their platforms from political criticism and to increase user experience with their product.


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