Things you need

5 Things you need to know when you are new to SEO

Things you need

Google doesn’t tell his users how to master and understand their ranking algorithm. Although you have blogs and guidelines for webmaster tool they are not sufficient to learn Google Algorithm. Most of techniques and tactics you learn through experience, learning and with your own experiments.

One of first thing in SEO is to diagnose a penalty that can impact one of the agency’s largest clients. It was hard to find back in the day when Google didn’t provide any action message to alert.

Looking with daily changes in Google Algorithm, there are few things that you just heard about Search Engine Optimization before get started.

1)  Tools are there to Help You, But Don’t Chase “New Shiny Objects”:

SEO is not possible without tools to track, analyze, monitor and report. There are many tools available and some of them are pretty good and user-friendly.

When you start in SEO, You must look constantly at tools but don’t spend so much time to learn new ones, it’ll take you away from actual SEO work. Create a spreadsheet of the tools you are currently using, make columns that reflected what each tool can do for you. If there are missing things in the data and facilities within your existing set of tools, then find what else you need to complete it and start working on that specific tool.

2)  There Are a Bunch of Opinions:

As I quoted in an introduction, there is no specific guidebook provided to us by Google that tells us everything about webmaster tool and SEO. This controversy leads us to many opinions.

On the serious note, if you put the same question in front of hundred Search Engine Specialists, You will likely to get hundred different opinions and answers from all of them.

That makes new bees confuse because they don’t know which opinion is more efficient. It makes the person’s experience and tracks record down.

There are some Best institutes out there; experts there provide some good piece of instruction and opinion. As a new vibe, try to enroll in SEO course from such best institutes.

3)  Your Family & Friends won’t Understand What You DO:

This point is quite funny. In the beginning, you will excite and will try your best to tell your friends and family about what you are doing? You will tell them aspects of websites, SEO, algorithms and sometime about optimization too. Believe me, no one grasped what you are talking about.

As a new bee, you must prepare for a battle of conversation about what you do for a living? After explaining it to someone, they might be told you that your SEO work is illegal.

So, get ready for these conversations and learn some solid key points to defend your working niche. It’s my million dollars worth advice to you. Laughter!

4)  You have to Overcome Doubts:

SEO is hard to “see” so, many enterprises have doubt on how and if SEO work or not. To start SEO project you have to overcome these doubts among executives of business companies. The same scenario has to implement while working with the IT or development team. You need to explain the proposed SEO work with best examples of past SEO success.

It’s mean to proving SEO worth through data but even more important, with results that relate to their business niche.

5)  Never Stop Learning:

Search Engine Optimization means you are aiming for a moving goal. So, you can’t stop learning.  Start with the basic training at some good Digital Marketing Institute. But don’t stop here. Read industry standards on daily basis. To be an expert in the industry, spend one or two hours a day to read the latest news. Be active on Social media platforms as Facebook and Linkedin have groups that discuss SEO.

It is important to attend a conference with some best SEO experts. View the list of upcoming SEO events and start planning now. These conferences are the opportunity for new persons to meet and greet with industry experts and hear the latest in a search.

Even with tips I mentioned above, there are many still going to be a lot learning on his way. Don’t be in hurry or get disappointed. Keep moving on the right path and be open your doors to learning.


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