5 Types of Content that will Always fail


There are bunch of ways that give your audience bad impact about your content and many of them are easy mistakes to make that make your content fail.

There is content that always fails. Here is list of some common mistakes that you should work to avoid in your content.

1)   Your Content is Boring:

You do need to think about your audience interest while writing content. You don’t have to write an Oscar-winning content every time but you have to create content that catches user attention.

If you don’t use proper pointing, angle or hook in your document, you’re going to lose your audience. Creativity is something which has extraordinary importance in content creation. If you don’t have God gifted creativity, you have a lot of subjects that matter to make you expert of it.

The main things to pull your reader attention are headline and introduction. Did your intro really deliver your point? Did you generate much curiosity to make your audience excited to read what’s next? These are the main key points to protect your reader from getting bored.

·         Storytelling:

Storytelling is the perfect idea for illustrating your idea.

·         Data and Visualization:

Use visual data like images and videos to make your reader engaged with you. When a human use all of his senses to read your content he will defiantly enjoy it.

·         Quotes:

Quotes are tending to get overused but there are times when using quotes deliver your message in more easily and more efficient method.

2)   Your Content is all About You:

Another bad practice to make your reader diverted from your content is writing content only about yourself. No one can bare you more than 10 minutes if you are talking about yourself. The same strategy applies to brand content.

Instead of writing about features of your products or service focus on the benefits for your customers. You can help customers more easily to visualize their experience with you by focusing on “the why” and value of your business.

3)   Your Content Is Written for Robots:

As a marketer, I get that you pulled your customers towards many directions. Your content must achieve following goals

  • Took the prominent position in search engine result.
  • Make people interested in purchasing from you.
  • Persuade people to share your content on social media

There are the bunch of requirements to see a green light for your content from SEO point of view and some of them seem odds while writing for humans.

Search Engines are getting smart day by day. They focus on user experience and as a content writer that should be your first priority. If you are still using too many keywords or technical term to enhance your search engine ranking, your audience will divert from you. It’ll waste time for both, Reader and you.

Give your audience a favor; write for them not for optimizing of your content.

4)   Your content is not Matching Standard:

The false and incorrect piece of content is going to quickly frustrate your readers. Be sure you are claiming your point by an authorized source. The touch of statistics and facts from the trusted resource can bring your content to next level and make ease for you to illustrate your point and convince your reader.

Use charts, graphs, and other visual tools to make your content more reliable and trustworthy. These will help you to keep your reader interested in what you are going to say.

5)   Your Content is Fat Wall of Text:

The best approach for website content is to make your content with the short piece of information with headlines and bullets where it is needed. It makes your reader easy to skim the content and follow along.

Digestible amount of text is also helpful because your readers don’t want to have flashbacks to history books. Provide information in a way that your audience doesn’t need to work for seeking information from your content.Use the information in a way that easy to absorb. Your audience will be the happy audience if you use the good combination of text and visual aids and will keep reading.

If you ignore these steps or try to take shortcuts, you’re near to lose or even offend your audience. From website content to social media posts putting your work at the beginning is sure to help you to produce quality in the end and avoid content fail.


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