Make your website friendly

6 Tips: How to Make your Website User-friendly and Attractive

Make your website friendly

In today’s digital world, website is essential part of almost every type of business or organization because it is easiest way to market and promote your organization. However, if your website design is not that much attractive to convert your visitors into your customers, it will easily end up with a useless toll that will waste your cost as well as give the bad impression to your market reputation.

Creativity is something that will lead you towards a best and attractive website. Everything needs to be just perfect: your logo, color contrast, images, a design of page etc. When all these elements have the touch of creativity, you will produce a powerful emotional impact on your visitors and will make improvements in your sales rate and revenue.

Here are some useful tips that you should keep in mind while making a user-friendly and attractive website.

1.    Choose Smart contrast for Colors:

One of most important parts of website design is colors as colors have their own value and meaning. Read more about every color and according to your theme choose the best color combination to make your website more attractive. Your website will defiantly give an outclass look when you used the right combination of colors.

2. Make Your Content Simple and Easy:

Content is king for your website reputation. Content is the one which will catch the attention of online visitors. As a user you are always seeking the informative element on any website so, keep in mind your website content must give most information in simple words rather than excessive technological words. Explain your products and services in a simple path which customer wish for. Use images in the description so the customer can understand it easily.

3. Make your URL Easy to Remember:

Your visitors must aware of you, so one of most important thing is your website name. Choose your website name easy to remember and which makes a meaningful relationship with your niche.

4. Make your website Mobile Responsive:

In recent era web browsing from mobile is increased so, it is very important to make your website mobile compatible.

Make your website design mobile responsive that’s mean that your website is designed such a way that gives same view no matter on which screen size it is open. The responsive design increases your traffic rapidly as a major increment in mobile web users has been seen.

5. Speed/Load Time:

No one has much time to wait for web pages to load. Therefore, make it sure that your website is using minimal codes. If your website takes much time to show content, there will be major chance that your customer will get bored and redirect towards any other site.

6. Social Media Marketing:

Social Media is one of biggest platforms to share your business or thoughts with the targeted audience. Include blogs on your websites and give people opportunity to share it on social media platforms. By including an opportunity to a user of sharing information without even going away from the website will enhance your traffic within few days.

So, keep these key points in your mind while you are creating a new website or running an existing website.


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