How Artificial Intelligence is changing Digital Marketing?

Artificial Intelligence is making his position strong in today’s world and the advertising and marketing world is no exception. AI is broader than you probably imagine. It is not limited to robots only. Basically, Artificial Intelligence is technologies and approaches that merged to “think like human”. AI is already incorporated into many technologies and trends. You probably already know about them, for example, chatbots and voice recognition.

Here I’ll elaborate few elements and applications of Artificial Intelligence and will explain why Artificial Intelligence is becoming an integral part of every digital marketing strategy

· Marketing Increasingly Focused on Consumer Behavior:

Artificial Intelligence is all about drive data for marketing and making decisions according to that. It is widely used to integrate data from various platforms.

Digital Marketing platforms collect and store user analytics as a part to measure user pattern over their business. It helps digital marketers to develop customer profiles and automated system to target specific consumers. It seems that in near future, computers will be used to take bigger and biggest decisions.

Artificial Intelligence makes you able to analyze user behavior and consumers profiles more deeply and make amendments to your outreach strategy. You can create a perfect marketing copy that meets needs of the audience which they are looking for online.

In customer phase, they’ll find themselves handling their purchasing decisions with the help of Artificial intelligence system which has brief knowledge of their ideas, searches, and preferences already.

· Machine Learning

Machine learning is artificial technology and it is exactly what it sounds like. It refers to a process which makes machine able to figure out the solution to any problem. Machines perform it by drawing pattern according to previous datasets and learning on their own. In digital marketing context, it can apply to various things including search optimization, ad targeting, lead generation and many more.

Machine learning is basic element on with artificial intelligence based system make business decisions. Theoretically, it’ll free up time and space for workers and business owners to focus on other marketing activities. One of best example of decision-making systems is use of digital personal assistants.

· Semantic Searching:

Semantic searching is another amazing feature of artificial intelligence. It refers to machine capacity to understand the user searches deeply and offer a set of customized results. Artificial intelligence does this by understanding more about the meaning of certain search pattern or phrase. It’s also able to understand complex relationships between different datasets. For instance, semantic search incorporate user’s search history into their results page.

What does semantic search mean for SEO? It means that searching starts having diversity in it. Start using long tail keywords as it is the core part of it. Rather than showing what users are searching for, semantic search is all about getting gist of why a person is searching for some specific thing.

· Insight Integration:

Artificial Intelligence is one of best tool to integrate and gather data sets from various types of collection tools and software. The more it developed specifically for this purpose, the more results it’ll show in targeting and customizing digital marketing campaigns based on customer experience and purchasing journey.

By using meta-analysis, artificial intelligence can gather and analyze the user pattern in more complex way than usual, we do. Tools that direct towards target a single platform makes automation in much more best way that anyone can probably imagine.

· Voice Search and Speech Recognition

Artificial Intelligence can handle various types of searches including voice recognition. Moreover, they can use various types of searching methodologies to produce customized results. Personal assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Home are there and able to have conversation with each other. In speech recognition context, according to a report, Microsoft’s speech recognition system has a very low error rate that is hardly 5.1%.

· Content Creation with Artificial Intelligence:

AI can be used for lead generation when it comes to content creation. Many programs such as WordSmith already adapt it. Artificial intelligence is very useful for collecting and analyzing data on a specific niche like market information, sports, and finance etc. In content presentation context, AI can present most personalized and relevant content to each unique visitor. The best example of this is when an online store presents similar examples of products you may like.

Another similar thing is subscription setups (like Netflix). These types of software are base on strategy “more you use the software, the more it’ll know about you”. After getting knowledge about you, it’ll give you suggestions.

Every Digital Marketing Specialist Should Learn about AI:

Is Artificial Intelligence is cool or creepy? Like it or not but it is becoming essential part of our digital world. We may think some privacy insecurities but as a digital marketing professional, you need to understand how you can work on it ethically. Artificial Intelligence based tools will take their place and are very useful for analyzing and predicting the user behavior.
If you’re planning to get a dive in digital marketing profession, you don’t need to learn AI completely because it’s quite complex and based on math. All you need is to learn how it can incorporate with your marketing strategies to great extent in future. So, you don’t need to understand AI technically to go into digital marketing. It’ll be necessary to understand how artificial intelligence is working in today’s digital marketplace on all levels and how it can assist your marketing strategy.


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