What is the difference between White Hat and Black Hat SEO?

Black hat SEO and white hat SEO refers to the techniques used when it comes to improving a website’s search engine ranking. In simple words, as name show, white hat SEO emphasize a strategy that’s according to Google’s rules especially in terms of quality content. At the same time, Black hat is totally opposed to it. It refers to the more aggressive approach that doesn’t think a single time before bending the rules.

Both of these strategies have their own pros and cons. In this post, I’ll give you a deep tour to both tactics and help you to understand whether you need to pick white hat SEO or black hat SEO to make your presence strong over the search engine.

What Is Black Hat SEO?

Let’s start with the more dangerous of the two. Professionals who adopt black hat SEO are the violator of internet rules because they rely on shortcuts to earn more traffic and good ranking over Google.

Black hat SEO includes following techniques:

· Content automation:

First thing in Black Hat SEO is the use of content automation in the body text or in comment sections with a bot. These comments/body texts contain one or two keywords that make no sense for the audience but help the URL rank higher. These auto-generated content doesn’t give any value to the user but search engines pick up on this.

· Unrelated keywords:

Another bad practice about Black Hat SEO is putting unrelated keywords in your content which make no sense for the reader and as well for the search engine. For suppose you’re working on Fire Alarm. Adding a sentence like “Ryan Gosling use fire alarm during his visit to Africa” does it makes any sense? It can’t provide any valuable information to your audience. Instead, it has an unrelated keyword with celebrity name to bait the search engines- a big no.

· Cloaking:

This strategy includes presenting content to your visitors and search engines that is totally different. The goal of this strategy is to misguide search engines to display a URL that’s normally can’t be displayed.

· Doorway Pages:

Doorway pages are totally fake pages with a lot of keywords in it.  These keywords help search engines to find them but it contains not a single piece of word that gives value to a reader. Once the reader clicks on it, they redirect it automatically to a new page and that page also contains nothing. So, it’s totally meaningless.

· Invisible text or links:

Another important technique to improve your ranking with black hat SEO is to hide links or text within your content. It can be done by putting a white text on a white background or making your text size zero or by embedding a link in a hyphen with a small character.

All the techniques I mentioned above are Black Hat techniques and keep in mind they are called Black hat for a reason. Websites rank with Black hat SEO are at high risk and usually detected sooner or later. As result, your site can be penalized with a lower rank or even can be banned.

Now the question is what’s the alternative? Exactly! You guess well! White Hat SEO!

What Is White Hat SEO and Why It Pays to Be Good?

The successful brands don’t take shortcuts as they know slow and steady wins the race. White hat SEO is all about providing quality content and value to your reader as well as search engines. Sites with these strategies rank later but always have a strong presence over the internet.

Below are some strategies to earn a proverbial white hat:

· Effective Keyword Research and Use:

Although a content with a lot of keywords doesn’t consider well keyword hold their importance if used in right way. You need to find the effective words that your audience will use while finding your site niche. Your site needs to focus on that group of keywords. As compared to single words, long-tail keywords can define your product/service effectively to search engines. Use the valuable tool to find such keywords i.e Long tail Pro, SEMrush etc. Using the previous fire alarm example, the Long tail pro can provide you a huge list of Keywords that define your product well.

· Quality Content:

Creating content that gives value to your target audience is share-worthy and link-worthy as well. Both of these are the core point when it comes to rank a site. Your content should not be copied. Plagiarism affects your site ranking directly. Content with high relevancy to your niche and with no grammar or spelling error is best for search engines to rank your site.

· Internal Links:

Another technique that gives value to your site is to interlink your content with each other. It is effective until you don’t over stuff them. A good practice is to put two or three links to deep-seeded pages within your content.

· Relevant Back links:

Google appreciates the links on other sites leading back to your site as it’s considered as a vote to your site quality. If other sites on your niche are linking to you it means you’re giving value to your readers and as result, the search engine will reward you in form of good ranking. One important thing to keep in mind is that there’re bad and good links. Always make sure that you’re getting the link from good sites, working on your niche and with similar high-quality content.

· Meta Description:

The meta description is the first impression that goes to your reader. It is the couple of sentences appear in the search results under the page title. The best practice is to write meta-description for people not for search engines. In simple words, your meta-description shouldn’t be overstuffed with your keywords.

Final Thoughts:

As we discuss, Black hat SEO and White hat SEO both have common goal to improve a site’s ranking. Both of this has different strategies but the common goal. Black hat SEO is good for short-term benefits. It drives huge traffic to your site instantly but Google is becoming more intelligent day by day. Black hat SEO has the dangerous effect on your site. As a discussed earlier, you can’t face the penalty of de-index or banning of your valuable site.

This is the main reason why successful marketers wear the white hat. Although, white hat SEO techniques take time to show results because of white hat focus on giving value to the audience as well as to search engines. Sites that rank with white hat SEO has no fear of de-index or getting penalized by Google. Indeed Site with white hat SEO rock the Search Engine Market.


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