Facebook Videos Tips: 8 Ideas for More Engagement

It can be a huge challenge to grab the people’s attention who are busy with thousands of messages at once on Email, Facebook, text, and other resources. It’s more challenging to keep their attention on you. So, it’s necessary to create a catchy and incredibly attractive message that brings audience towards you. Facebook Videos can be ideal solution for that.

The first important thing while crafting an engaging Facebook video is exactly that: be engaging. No one has much time to give attention to you. You’ll have hardly 2-3 seconds to engage someone with your video.

Now the question is what should you do to engage people with your video?

Here are my 8 tips that will produce a great engagement for your Facebook videos.

1. Take Advantage of Captions:

Facebook now auto-plays videos on its mobile app with sounds. The setting can be changed and videos will be played without sound if user’s cell phone is on silent. There is no definitive figure on how many users watch facebook videos with sound.

Video captions always help users to understand your video more even if there’s no audio. A good video caption has minimal chances of losing the user if they can’t understand the videos without sound.

2. Don’t Waste Time in the Beginning:

Your video doesn’t need to have a long introduction when it comes to creating Facebook videos. Video needs to build up to some climax that attracts and shock the audience.

Your videos must follow the followings


You need to accomplish the fast element only by using compelling visuals- not the videos with sounds.

A couple of ideas to help you do this:

Use attractive thumbnail images.

Add a good teaser sentence showing what the video is about.

3. Choose a Name Wisely:

You need to create the video name that is descriptive. Your title should contain those words which can be searched easily by users. The video optimization is the same as your simple web pages (your title tags and meta-descriptions). Your video title must include your targeted keywords to increase its presence on Facebook.

4. Give Users a Taste of the Content:

Use your words in your Facebook post to describe your video. It’ll help you to attract the audience to watch the video. Taking the time and stop for viewing a video can seem like a huge task for some.

You can spark the audience interest by giving brief details what the video is about. If you spark their interest they’ll surely want to watch your video.

5. Shape Matters:

Pay a close attention to your video shape whether you’re utilizing a square video or a landscape video. Your video format is the first impact on your viewer. As compare to landscape video, square videos take more attention, engagement, reach and views. Square videos have more results, particularly for mobile phone users.

It seems good as the majority of audience use Facebook on their mobile devices and videos with square shape take the majority of the mobile News Feed.

6. Tag Others (When It’s Relevant)

It could be a perfect idea to tag those persons or businesses to your Facebook videos that would be interested in watching it. Keep in mind it’ll only work if they have interest towards your video.

Tagging is much easier with a simple “@” symbol. Use this symbol in the comment section before the name of that particular entity which you want to tag.

7. Post Directly to Facebook

To get the prominent position in News Feed you will need to post your video directly on Facebook. Avoid copy/posting your Youtube link in case you have a Youtube video. Post that video directly on Facebook as audience hate to open a link and move to a next website.

8. Consider Going Live:

Facebook’s live video holds the user attention for long period of time. They upgrade their algorithm in a way to give priority to live videos. You can also use live videos to make user capable to explore your content little more. As a brand, when you come in front of your audience, it increases their trust and reliability upon you.

In addition, you can also record your live video session and post it directly on your page once the live video has come to an end.

Final Words:

In this digital era, it takes only 3 seconds to attain user’s attention, so it’s necessary to spend some time to make a strategy for grabbing their attention in true meanings. Facebook is incredibly an important platform to explore you. Use Facebook Videos with a solid plan to take its full perks.


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