To get google adwords certification

How to get Google AdWords certification: A complete Guide

To get google adwords certification

Professional certificates are important to get the valuable position in an industry. It persuades your recruiter to take confidence in your skills and if this certification is from the market giant “Google” then? Your job is waiting for you dude! Google Adwords certification can be lucky champ for your curriculum. It is the standard way to prove your digital marketing knowledge. You need to work on learning the concepts of Google Adwords to attain it.

What is Google AdWords Certification?

Google offers their users to become recognized marketer expert. Google Adwords is part of this chain. It is the standalone program and Google Adword has two exams and bypassing it, people get their personal certificate. One more amazing perk of passing Google Adwords certification is an appearance of your profile on Google Partners public profile page.

From past few years, individual certification of Google Adwords is working in the same way. At the same time, Google partner program is much confusing for student or people who aren’t working for Google Partner Agency.

Every organization hires a person by knowing that he’ll willing to invest effort and time. Google AdWords certification is becoming essential or minimum part of getting job in digital marketing industry

You need to get exposure from any Digital Marketing Institute for how Google AdWords works and how you can get its certification?

Here I create 5 steps for getting Google Adwords certification. Give it a try

1.   Create and Select your Google Account:

The first step towards your Google Adwords certification is “creating and selecting google account”. You need to select right Google account for your certification.

There are two possibilities:

If you are individual and not doing certification for any organization, you simply select your Google account that you want to be attached to your certification. You’ll use this account for personal and public use of your certification. You can tie your Gmail account to it.

But if you are an agency or a company, you need to put your official work email address for industrial usage of your certification.

Click on to create a new account easily.

2.   Join Google Partners:

So, we have done with our Google account. The next step is joining Google Partners. When you are logged into your Google account, make sure you are not login to any other Google account. You might face confusion and login problems when you’re login with multiple accounts.

Have you logged out from all other Google accounts? Now click on

On this page, you will see “Join Google Partners” option, click on it and then “Join Now” tab. Google will show you his term of condition. Once you read and accept these conditions, congratulation, you’re officially ready to get dive into Google Partners program.

On Google Partners home page, there will be content that might make you confused. The name of programs and words are much typical but be smart. Don’t let these words to trip you up; keep in mind you are in right place.

3.   Fill Your Profile:

It’s time to set your profile. This profile will be your official profile and all information on it will be tied up with your certification.

Once you click on navigation menu link, in case Google doesn’t have your specific information, it’ll ask you to put this information to make your profile complete. You require putting this information carefully as this information carefully as your profile can be listed in the Google Partner directory. For making your profile visible in partner directory you have to choose public versus private option on a profile page.

You can also affiliate your company formally by searching it in the directory option. If you want it, you’ll need to submit affiliation request for Google Partner account. This request will be verified by Google end to make it official.

4.   Start Preparing Your Test:

Next step is to get ready for your test. As we know Google is the best teacher and it provides you content related to your niche. Google will provide you basic and even more extensive data for your test preparation.

If you are the newbie to Adword, you will face difficulties in getting and understanding the Academy content. My honest suggestion for the newbie is to train their self from any well reputed Digital Marketing Institute. Mostly digital marketing institutes cover Google Adwords certification in their Search Engine Marketing course. Try to get enrolled in best Digital Marketing Institute and prepare yourself for your certification exam. It is the most important phase of getting Google Adwords certification.

5.   Pass Your 2 Exams and Get your Google AdWords certification:

So the time has arrived to get your certificate. Your certificate is just two exams away from you. Google Adwords certification is given after passing Adwords fundamentals exam with addition exam of your own choice.

You can choose additional advertising exams from following

  • Search
  • Video
  • Display
  • Mobile
  • Shopping

Any additional exam from these options will certify you with Google Adwords certification. Try to choose the additional exam that one which is best suited to the specific advertising you do. It’ll help you to enhance your current position in your firm or will lead you towards getting the job in that marketing technique.


You need to wait for some time if you failed the exam. Obviously, it is not the much big penalty so, try to work hard again and pass on next time.

Keep in mind if you pass fundamental exam and fail the additional, you will get certified inside of your waiting period bypassing any other additional exams Google offers

So, these are the steps you need to get Google AdWords certification. Follow these steps with devotion and hard work. You are ready to grab your Google Adwords certificate!


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