google make life easier

Google Turns 19, 19 reasons How Google makes Life Easier

google make life easier

It was Google Birthday. Google is 19 years old now! How Google make our life easier? Stop thinking, let’s Google it. You will find mind blowing, incredible and might be ridiculous amount of answers.

So, let’s see 19 reasons to celebrate Google birthday:

1)    Google is your local phone book:

Google has given the new touch to discover business, even in your neighborhood. It will give you exactly what you’re looking for, right near to your location.

If you are looking for a burger hub, Search [Burger hubs nearby] and the Google will provide you a list. Check out the menu, prices, images and reviews by people. Once you choose the place, Google will show you how to reach that place and which one is the shortest path to your destination.

This feature enables boosting to small business and the local economy.

2)    No needs to visit the library, Research any topic, anywhere and anytime on Google:

Google is 24/7 open library.

No matters its 2 AM and you are finding reasons to sleep or you have the paper tomorrow and wants to be prepared at midnight or looking up for your symptoms for a terrible cough and headache, Google is here for you. Search any topic, at any peace of time without a single thought about what’s your location.

3)    Wants fast and economical flight? Find it:

Need a fast and economical flight? Google will lead you how to find it. It’ll also show you price changing based on your arrival/departure date so you can fly at the lowest price.

4)    Planned for a movie? Google is for you:

Google will help you to find your nearest Showtimes. Just search [movies near me] or [movie name with your city] and get fast detail about Showtime, public reviews, and ticket pricing.

5)    Oh! It’s a currency converter too:

What is exchanges rate between Pakistan Rupee and US dollar? Google knows.

6) Lost? Google have every map you need:

If the place exists on the globe, it also exists on Google map. Map it and find direction towards any destination on planet earth.

7)    Not familiar with local language? Google will translate for you:

Suppose you’re in Italy and won’t know how to say “Where is Restaurant?” in Italian. Google will translate it for you. To protect you from embarrassing it will also tell you how to pronounce.

8)    Wow! It’s a calculator too:

What’s 852146 x 7851236? (It’s 6690399352456. Thanks, Google)

9)    Coordinate with your coworkers- Hundreds of Miles Apart:

Google Hangouts lets you have face-to-face individual or group meeting. You can work on a single document, presentation or spreadsheet at the same time with the bunch of peoples using Google Docs.

10)    Gamer? Google has all updates on all Games:

Are you in thirst of finding updates on your favorite game? Google will provide you all updates in real time.

11)    Your Weatherman:

Google [weather, [your location]] and let the Google tell you to brings the umbrella or not.

12)    Dictionary:

Need a meaning of any word of any language? Google [define:{word}]  will work as your personal dictionary.

13)    Google is also expert in your field:

What? Google is also the nerd of all fields. Search any topic and let nerds lead you briefly.

14)    It’ll help you to leave the right tip at any restaurant:

Well, you are in the restaurant and don’t know how much tip you must give to a waiter, Google [tip calculator]. It’ll give you not only help in leaving tip but also how to equally split the tip of your party unless you’re on a date.

15)    Who was that actor name in the movie? Google will tell you:

Google will also tell you what movie was that actor in again? Example: The brain in movie Breakfast Club was played by Anthony Michael Hall.


16)    Getting bored? Google will entertain you:

If you are getting bored Google can be fun and fancy-free for you. Search games, movie, songs, blog or anything you got entertain with.

17)    Cheap Hotels For you:

Google has the soft corner of your budget. It’ll let you find economical hotel exactly near to you.

18)  Are your startup? Google will help you:

Google has tools to make your startup known in the community. Use Google AdWords to be featured and advertise on Google itself.

19)  Time Machine? Really?

Search [Google in 1999]. I’ll meet you when you’ll get back.

Happy Birthday to Google from all of us here! You’re best.


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