ecommerce will change

How Ecommerce will Change in 10 Years?

ecommerce will change

E-commerce industry Environment is constantly changing and upgrading as technologies improve. Competitors in E-commerce market draw a competition with each other to win a great share of customers.
The future of e-commerce is doubtful but some key factors will remain unchanged. There will be the bunch of product selection, a customer will get a product in short time and customer service will become more efficient. Point is that what will be future of buying online from the customer point of view and what is a new standard you are accepting overtime to stay ahead of the curve?

Product Delivery through Drones:

One of the most exciting features in e-commerce industry is in the testing phase- Drone Delivery. Believe me, in near future, Drones will deliver packages within just 60 or even 30 minutes from order entirely placed. This could be more efficient and quick method of order delivery. Distribution center of that supplier will send drone directly to given address with lower cost and less hassle than at present. Amazon is putting his efforts to making this a reality across their business network and we hope that others will also try to follow them as soon as possible.

Multiple Device Compatibility:

Customer jumps from one device to another while buying from you. Peoples are moving between webs to mobile apps before turning into paying customers. In e-commerce industry, measuring analytics of devices is a more significant field of interest.
Once you track multiple devices usage, the further process is optimizing the user experience, how the same people respond to your offers across same platforms.

Offer Incentives to customers:

To make successful in the e-commerce industry, you must put good incentives for your customers. I don’t mean that incentive needs to be $1 million but it should be some valuable things. Providing the discount or free goods is usually good. One more thing, the prize should have the bunch of winners so every customer feels that he can win.

Minimize the number of steps to shop:

From the digital marketing perspective, asking a user for as much data as possible is beneficial but when it comes to e-commerce market, it’s important to minimize the number of steps needed for a customer to start shopping. Try to grab as minimum data as you can. Anything beyond that and user intention will suffer you badly.

E-commerce through Social Media:

Social media is one of essential parts of almost every consumer’s online habits. E-commerce in social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin is trending nowadays.
An old marketing quote “Go where your customers are!” For e-commerce industry, efficient social media engagement pays a core role. Through these platforms, you can reach the first time and new generation customers, engage and facilitate existing customers and give your brand awareness in the best manner. So, in today connected era, your social media profiles and content you share are as much important as your e-commerce product display and website.

Customer’s fragmentation, Turning Competition into Opportunity:

With growing digital media industry, today consumers have more buying choices than ever before. Our smartphones play an integral part while we are making the decision. Smartphone provides us instant access to numbers of the retailer where good and bad both are in competition and just one swipe away. Giants in market find this fragmentation as a big challenge because niche stores are well designed to gain market share. On the other hand, small companies pick this challenge and quite easily. The reason is that there are lower barriers to market entry and growth for them.

In the final analysis, if you are focusing on these actions effectively, you can continue to generate more sophisticated customers, can draw more revenues and can turn into e-commerce market leaders.


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