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How House Wife can make Money from Home?

can make money

Working as a professional seems to be one of excited part of life. Waking up early and then dressed in formal manners, new peoples, new environment above all financial independence, these are what make newly office life full of excitement.

Women also want to enjoy all of these edges but after marriage, it is difficult for him to pursue her career because this new touch to life increases responsibilities on her shoulder.

If you are one of those educated housewives who had to or planning to take a break from their career because of new life matters and responsibilities at home or let it be any reason but still wants to enjoy financial freedom? We’ve got you!

Let me tell you! It is possible to make pretty handsome money without going anywhere or spending too many hours on work.

This article will tell you how it is possible.

Influencer Marketing is here for you!

Influencer marketing will make you able to earn almost 25000 per month which is almost 4 lakhs per annum. All you just need is to participate in influencer marketing campaigns and you will get paid for it. After the successful campaign, you will get real money into your bank account.

For making money from home you don’t need to invest a single rupee anywhere. All you just need is:

  1. A strong internet connection
  2. A laptop
  3. Social Media apps on your smartphone.
  4. Good practice in English writing and speaking skill without grammatical and spelling mistakes
  5. 1-2 hours/day, no matter where you are, you just need to connect to the internet for 2 hours.

Last but not least, knowledge about how to find and participate in the right campaign.

Have you ever notice! You bombarded with countless ads whenever you browse on internet right from search engines to facebook even on the simple blog article. Have you ever opened such ads? I don’t think so. These advertising techniques are not much effective as the rational marketing.

What if your friend on facebook or your favorite personality tweet a link on his/her wall, will you open it? Defiantly you will have the thirst to find what is at this link.

Brands noticed these things too so, they are in search of those powerful influencers who have strong conversation and experience on social media platforms. They want such influencers to market their product on social media.

I know you are thinking “Is brand has much time to search and maintain influencer’s record?”

Defiantly no! There are multiple agencies to host campaign online. Brands hit such agencies and tie up their knots with influencer network platforms.

Although there are a bunch of influence network platforms out there we will discuss a few platforms that are popular and host big brands and their campaign. We’ll learn on a blogmint dashboard and I’ll guide you to each and every step to participate and earn money at home without going anywhere.

Welcome to Influencer Market:

The first step to enter into influencer market in the search of a best platform! Blogmint is one of them.

Give a dive in:

You have two options here in blog mind. Click on” Sign Up as an Influencer” not on “Create a Campaign as a Brand”

After the sign-up, the next thing is to choose your interest. All of your campaigns will be listed according to interest you chose. Be careful about choosing your interest, however, it can be changed later.

Last but not least, connect your bank account so you can get your money earned from blog mind

Next thing is “Discover the campaign”, without waiting, click on it.

Discover the campaign will show you a list of campaigns matching with your interest you chose earlier. You can also filter the campaign according to your skill or interest.

Every campaign has Apply button in his bottom. Campaign host will check your social media activities such as people engagement, post like or the number of followers before selecting you for a campaign.

One happy thing is “Congratulation! You are selected for a campaign”. After the selection, campaign host will instruct you what you have to do? So, check your email box regularly.

It’s your turn now! Execute the campaign instruction at your best. Use proper tagging and hashtags to get more engagement. Don’t forget campaign host will track your participation and certify it.

Once the campaign is over, a host will thank you and after a week’s time, you will get the fruit of your hard work. Your payment will be shown on your dashboard and you can cash it from your attached bank. Blog mint Deduct 20% as commission.

Don’t worry about payment from blog mind. Here is the screenshot

So, ladies are you ready to earn your dreamed amount? We all know once the woman decides to do something, she is unstoppable.


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