How To Use Grammarly To Improve Your Writing

hello creatives I’m Johanna pen from the creative pen comm and today I’m talking about how you can use grammerly to improve your writing so what is grammerly well it’s an online proofreading tool which means you can either copy and paste your chapters into it or you can have it as like a plugin so when you do emails and when you do blog posts it will check your writing as you go and I’ve been using Ram elite for a couple of years now and it is just a super useful tool so of course I advocate working with professional editors but if you want to learn how to improve your writing and improve the manuscript before you send it to an editor this is definitely the way to go and I run all my writing through grammerly both for my blogs I have the email plug-in and I do it for each of my chapters when I do a book because you can learn a lot when you go through the process yourself so for example I know I use a lot of very and actually words and I often find that I repeat the same words over and over again in the text now if I can find those and use the thesaurus site to substitute those words out or if I can find the clunky sentences before I send it to an editor and an external proofreader a human then I can make the book better I also learn for example I am terrible with commas I can’t seem to understand how commas should work so one of the things I always do with grammarly is go through and change my comments so now I’m gonna get into a demo and I’ll do both fiction and nonfiction so I hope you’ll find that useful so let’s get into the tutorial on grammar so first of all you can add it to your browser and there is a free version and a premium version so if I just show you what it’s like with an email so here’s an example of an email and I’ve just typed a sentence here so basically when you have the grammerly plug-in into your browser it will help you with your writing so for example here I can change that to thanks and then obviously that is the wrong word but is it your or you you can also obviously ignore so if you’re using if you’re writing something that involves special words you can ignore it or you can add to the dictionary so it doesn’t pick it up next time so in this case I’ll say you’re and then of course email so that’s the really basic functionality you can also you can always click this little button and it will actually edit within a pain like this and you can turn on your various spelling punctuation you can basically set it up how you want to check it the same applies within a blog post so again you get this little button and you can click it or you can edit within the text and here you can go through and on the right hand side it’s going to tell you what to change so this is saying delete the word own because it’s your so you don’t need the extra one and if you click the little drop down it’s going to say it’s going to explain it more so you can just scroll down and have a look again I often use the word own too much so that is within a blog post but what I really love is to use it for my books and for that I use grammerly premium and basically you can copy and paste chapters into your sections of writing or whatever into grammerly so here are some I’ve done already so this is a nonfiction chapter from the healthy writer about yoga now I’ve just pasted the chapter in and you can see on the right hand side the changes that it wants to make now you get a score in the bottom right hand area here now it’s very unlikely you’re going to get a hundred and I’ll explain that as we go through but basically you can then go through and fix these things and learn as you go so I know that one of my issues is commas because I’m just useless at commas and here this is an example of a comma so what it’s saying and you can use the little drop down it says you’re missing a comma before the coordinating conjunction and in a compound so there are two ways of obviously dealing with this it one is to add the comma so I can just do that or I can click it and it will actually make that change or in this case I could and I’m looking down here and I’ve got a lot of ands so in that case I might decide to reword it so I could say I’ve been going through yoga school three times a week and then I can actually get rid of that and say although I started out in the gentle medial class so now that’s broken up the sentence now what I actually do is I will have my Scrivener document open at the same time and I will go between grammarly and Scrivener and make the changes within Scrivener and then I’ll actually copy and paste the a change to chapter back in and hope that it has improved my score that’s basic yeah I do it so let’s have a look at some of the other things that are going wrong so here it’s saying repetitive word class or classes and yeah you can see here although I started out in the gentleman medial class I can now go to the more active classes so what it’s saying is maybe you don’t need to use the same word twice in this case I’ll leave it again some problems with commas and ands so I can fix those then this is interesting so this is because I’m in the UK the it’s is trying to fix it with UK spelling I actually use us spelling so this is a obviously a setting that you can sort out but I know that is an American spelling so you can decide whether or not you are used British English or American English I personally use American English even though I’m British because and just in case you’re wondering it’s because American readers will complain for typos with British spelling whereas British readers are used to American spelling and won’t complain about typos this is the same thing down here practicing this is one spelling and you know you can spell it the other way so some of the other ones overused word this is a great thing that it picks up because often the word completely is over overused and it’s just not something that you might want to do so maybe you to change that to entirely and that will get rid of that issue so here is an interesting one this is you can’t decide to be an author so obviously I’ve picked up it’s picked up here that the it’s it’s wrong and or it should be an author but also an incorrect verb and that’s because the spelling was wrong so this is the sort of a double fix here if I fix this one it will fix yes so there now it’s B and M and so there we go to change that amazing I definitely often overuse the word amazing now it’s suggesting fabulous I don’t think that is appropriate so you can just click ignore and that will go away so you can see that essentially you work through your chapter looking at each segment and whether or not it needs changing here I’ve used a comma but it’s not necessary so again you can click to get rid of that and then the idea is that by the end of the chapter you have learned some things but also that your score has improved now you definitely don’t need to make every single change but it will help you learn how you use different words and also pick up things before you send it to an editor so here’s an example of fiction and this is from one of the penny Appleton sweet romances that I co-write with my mum and this is love home at last which is set partially in Edinburgh so again exactly the same type of format as usual I have problems with my commerce so I can add that in again the overused words in this case it fits so you can just ignore that and I think you can go through and actually click ignore or you can just leave it there it doesn’t really matter but this is interesting so this is incomplete comparison you made him sound mundane Anna but he’s handsome and so nice and this is when Lizzie has met the lovely Donal so here you can think about rewriting and I think this is where gramley will really help you because even though obviously a proofreader is going to pick up your typos and some grammar issues things like this are based around your craft learning your craft and I think it’s only by examining your own writing that you are going to get better and for me part of writing each book is trying to improve now the next line actually is because anna is scottish we don’t have much dialect but here we do have you know a wee surprise in it saying it’s a unusual word pair but in this case it is a Scottish type language so we’re going to leave that as well or and we can ignore that one of the other things I like is the picking up passive voice which is something that is quite common with writers so here it says this sentence appears to be written in passive voice consider writing in the active voice so this is the walls of the imposing building are hung with amazing art you know you could rewrite that as you know amazing artwork hangs on the walls of the imposing building passive voice is definitely something that many writers struggle with so this kind of checking can be really useful so if you do make the changes directly into grammarly you can export this version if you would rather do it there or as I said I make the changes directly into Scrivener you just export it as a txt and then you can import it into whatever software you use on the left hand side you can also set the various checks and also use a plagiarism checker if you want to that can be particularly useful for nonfiction for example if you think you might have inadvertently copied and pasted a description from online that can be a really good way of checking things so that’s a bit about how I use grammar Li and of course I still absolutely believe you should use professional editors but as a first pass then Graham Lee is brilliant for proofreading and improving your writing and learning about the mistakes you make every time so if you’re interested you can check it out at the creative pen comm forward slash grammar Lee and I our an affiliate of Graham Lee so if you do buy the level I will get a small percentage of that sale but no extra cost to you and I hope that you’ll use my link so I can keep doing these free videos ok today I talked about how you can use grammerly to improve your writing both in your books on blog posts and emails and I hope you found the tutorial useful and remember to check it out using my link if you fancy at the creative pen com forward slash grammarly ok I’ll be back soon with another video so subscribe to the channel and please leave your comments and questions and suggestions for other videos below because I love to hear from you so happy writing happy editing and I’ll see you next time you


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