write content for social media

How to write Content on Social Media for Maximum Audience Engagement

write content for social media

We all know that social media is one of the keys to getting success in digital marketing. Presence and interest of people on social media are increasing day by day. According to the latest survey, there are almost 2.8 billion social media users across the world. This is what makes, social media a powerful tool for advertisement. Social media is all about to get in touch with your audience first, not selling. Social media platforms give you an opportunity to create a relationship of with your audience and deliver your vision in a better way.

As we always say “CONTENT IS KING”.  In social media case too, to make people attract towards you, to make your voice hearable and to market your brand, content is everything.  Artistic, unique and catchy content always give a shoot back to your audience on your social media. You have to share valid, updated and trending information with them to gain their trust AS:


Are you in search for “How to make your content king on Social Media?” Do you want to know “How to increase people engagement on your social media?” Are you finding the solution for “How to make your voice hearable on Social Media?”

Then Stop here! You are in Right Place. I’ll give you all success keys to fix your social media content issues.

Let’s follow me on this article and in the end, you will be able to find how to write content for more people engagement.

1-    Stop Using Text, Start Using Visual Content:

Have you ever notice, your photo on Facebook has 50% more likes/shares/comments than your text post. Why is it happen? The reason is that people don’t like to read your long text posts or articles on social media, they have not much time. The audience always wants to take information in short time. So, an image is the thing that can make your message viral.

Now, mark my words before creating a design on your social media, “Be Creative”. Creative and Artistic content will fetch more audience and increase engagement of people on your social media.

Always place your image in empty spaces. It’ll make your design more catchy, readable and more engaging.

Visual content is always getting more engagement than other types of content on social media.

Look Here, What Visual content did:

2-    Use High-Quality Images instead of cheap images:

“Quality is not an act, it is a habit.”

Quality of graphics represents your brand’s vision. Always try to use high-quality images instead of those cheesy photographs.Don’t just rely on upon go to Google and search image. Use of search result images can be creating legal copyright issue because image belongs to someone property in search engines.

I know you are thinking if you can’t find graphics on search engines than where you should go? Here is the list of sites which provide high quality and elegant images for free

  • Stock Pic
  • Unsplash
  • Canva
  • Pixabay

Now, choose best images from one of these websites and represent your brand with elegant graphics.

3-    Host Survey and Give Surprise to Audience:

One of the magic tricks to increase engagement of people on your social media is hosting Question/Answers sessions. Run a mouth-watering campaign on facebook such as the free giveaway or on Instagram asking people to follow your page and submit their address to participate in sessions and get surprising gifts.

Do you know? 35% people like a page to just participate in a contest. Hosting Question/Answer session and survey will give you a huge amount of new fans and followers on social media.

4-    Create catchy Info-graphic:

What is info-graphic? The first question clicked your mind after reading this heading. Info-graphic is visual representation of bio-data and overview of your brand. One thing more that you must hear “Info-graphic have 3x more engagement of audience than any other type of visual

Every brand should follow this trend; create info-graphic to deliver information in interesting ways. Don’t forget to show your creativity while creating info-graphics for your brand. Uniqueness is something that will attract your audience towards you.

There is the bunch of online tools like Canva or Piktochart that can help you to make info-graphic. The best way to create info-graphic is to hire a professional designer to design an elegant info-graphics for you.

5-    Share Followers Feedback and Reviews:

Seeing your followers sharing your success stories is one of best feeling as a brand. Happy customer’s reviews are the first thing every person relies on before making a purchase. Customer’s good reviews towards your services increase your market reputation.

So, you must have a place to share customer’s feedback, success stories and reviews on your social media channels. This great idea will lead you to get more and more engagement on your social media.

I hope if you follow these 5 steps as I guide you, you’ll definitely get more and more people engage with your content and social media channel too.


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