Key points for digital marketing

Key Points for Digital Marketing from the Eye of Experts

Key points for digital marketing

Digital Marketing is becoming prominent day by day. In Pakistan, every brand is tapping into digital world. Reason behind it to achieve more and more customers. By all means Digital marketing provides more feasibility to target the right audience.

Social Media platforms like Facebook are providing promotional campaigns to its user for engaging with the audience. Get easy access to your target customer. You can boost your business to give them exposure and increase its presence over social media. The users of social media are increasing day by day.  Of course, need for adapting digital marketing is increasing at higher speed.

Digital Marketing gurus from different parts of the world share their experience and knowledge for betterment in this industry. From social media to search engine, they share tactics how can you increase your presence and target the specific group of peoples for sales.

This knowledge will defiantly help you with your digital growth. Here are some tips from leading experts in digital marketing:

1.   A customer is Everything:

Michael Leander an international Marketing expert said that “It is integral to put your customer on your first priority so that customer lasts longer”.

You should give importance to your customer as you are nothing without them. No matter which device your customer is using, if they are online, it is evident to give importance to them. Your valuable customer may be online from a desktop, mobile phone, and tablet or can also be walking on Road Street; your responsibility is to facilitate them in all ways.

Importance of making your customer focused on you can’t be denied. Every consumer and customer focused campaign is mostly successful. You can observe and learn this thing by the way of marketing of Coca-Cola and Pepsi in both traditional and Digital.

2.   Don’t forget Mobile Devices:

Joseph Cummings a from Global Marketing Solution quote that 74% people do shopping after seeing and inspiring by any post and 33% of buyers search on their cell phone before purchasing some goods from desktop or offline.

An interesting fact is that there are more cell phones in this world than human beings living on this planet. So, as a digital marketing professional, you need to be more focused on mobile users. The mobile user will increase every day and if you target these mobile users at the right time it will give you fruitful results.

3.   Forget “Viral”, just create Content:

“How to create Viral Content” is the topic discussed by many experts at many times. There are many misleading about the creation of viral content and as a digital marketing professional you need to understand the value of good content as I always said: “Content is the king of Digital Marketing”.

Content without solid information is nowhere to use. You need to generate most relevant and real content. Have you ever think why some ads become so popular and make a campaign successful because they use relevant content with perfect direction towards a specific goal. That’s the main reason; maybe I call it Secret, for making any content viral or get extraordinary engagement.

4.   You need to know what you are doing.

Badar Khushnood, the country consultant for Twitter from Pakistan, shared the multiple things for telling the importance of relevance. According to him, most of the startups are failed just because they don’t know what their destination is, how to engage with peoples and from whom to seek guild line?

Engagement with your target and right audience is an integral part of your digital marketing campaign and believe me if you did it properly then the success is waiting for you. There are many market giants that help and guide new startups for market standards for example startup Social Champ get helped and leading from Kawasaki.

You just need to work hard for creating the proper structure of your campaign. You need to concern with market professionals to generate relevant and solid infrastructure. It is the time to create your definite base with a clear vision.

Have you noticed every expert of digital marketing emphasize on content? Use your content appropriately to reach relevant audience by using digital platforms. Read Digital Marketing experts suggestion on daily basis to get more and more knowledge about this trending field.


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