How to Move from Traditional Marketing to Digital Marketing?


The marketing industry is becoming digital and start replacing traditional formats. The demand of personalized user experience is increasing. So, it becomes necessary for marketing professionals to adapt the new technologies and jump into digital marketing industry.

Changes in major platforms and marketing strategies can lead the most experienced marketers too feel aimless. On the other hand, rapidly changing digital marketing industry environment seem like a negative end, rather than positive but it can provide you the opportunity for your career and business.

So, if you’re thinking to upgrade your skill from traditional marketing to digital marketing, this article will provide you a brief overview of digital marketing field to help you identify your transferable skills.

Traditional Vs. Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing brought a change in a way to approach our customers, give more controls in audience hands when it comes to how they utilize our advertisement.  Virtual reality and Artificial Intelligence are making their position strong in marketing campaigns. It seems that everything is changing to quickly to keep pace with.

Although there are many differences between traditional and digital marketing, here I list down three major differences that stand out:

1. Customers are More Empowered:

Digital marketing is now booming upon micro-moment marketing. For approaching differently from traditional marketing, you need to understand marketing in view of newly define the approach.

Micro-moment marketing means that consumer takes decision after seeing your ad in microseconds. You don’t need to place an ad in front of them for a long time; instead, users are doing several clicks and short searches every day. In this context, digital marketing professional face trouble to find the consumers in a certain moment, rather than being able to catch their attention with an ad on TV that the consumers are already in front of.

2. Demographics are Different:

The audience is interacting with brands in a totally new manner than they used to. There are many reasons for it, as compare to a billboard of the past, there’s much broader audience exposure today than past. Consumers are more dynamic now and anything that you post online today has worth to reach a global audience. It shows that things are much changing comparatively as well as in the way users are interacting with any information or given business.

3. Metrics are More Accurate:

Digital marketers need to track and report their metrics on daily basis. In most case, this element is handled and covered by a given team’s analyst. Every person in digital marketing field needs to have a solid knowledge of how these metrics can be used to track marketing strategy and build brand awareness.

This thing is not possible at any cost with traditional advertising. Although you can compare it with TV viewing and ratings or a number of your newspaper sold. Today, Digital Marketing provides more accurate reporting and tracking, which shows results as highly targeted and result oriented ad campaigns.

The Blended Digital Marketing Strategy

Some brands and agencies are using blended marketing strategy and it works. Generally, the day when TV commercials show results are becoming a chapter of past. Users are spending most of their time on social media platforms then Television. You need to pay attention to this type of audience behavior and it is rising day by day.

The good point is that as a traditional marketing expert, you can still take the space by applying your talent in blended marketing strategy. Blended marketing strategy is a combination of both online and offline marketing techniques. Business is showing and moving towards digital marketing but it doesn’t mean traditional marketing is dead.

The Most In-Demand Skills for Marketing Professionals:

Forgetting a leadership or creative position in the marketing industry, you don’t need to learn how to code or any other complex programming language. You can achieve it by just only having basic information about requirements of your marketing strategy. All you need is to communicate these details with your client in an efficient manner.

·  Creative:

If you can write a piece of content that attracts an audience, you’ll be the demand of every company. At the same time, if you have in-house job experience in an ad firm, you have a bunch of advantages over many fresh people. It is because you will have a strong and professional curriculum that many fresher will not have.

· Copywriting:

Copywriting is the skill which is needed for almost every type of business. High-Quality web copy can bring a business to the new position, so anyone with elegant writing skills can get a solid position in the digital sphere. All you need is to have the good sense of how you can use your copywriting skills in any format, like social media and emails too. If you already know how to engage your audience with content, making the way toward digital marketing industry will be a piece of cake for you.

· Design:

A valuable background in graphics and designing process can assist you in your way to the digital marketing career. If you’ve solid design skills, you can easily use those skills in several areas of digital marketing. You can take part in website design, photography, video, and info-graphics.

· Business:

If you’ve sound knowledge of project management and handling workflow, you’ll want to consider going into the managerial position of digital marketing.  Business knowledge always works in hand with marketing campaign so, you can utilize your leading skills which you learned in your business school or on the job as manager.

Business knowledge and aptitude will always come in handy in any kind of marketing context, so you can’t go wrong with the types of skills you may have learned in business school or on the job as a manager.

Why Internet Marketing is More Effective than Traditional:

Here I listed a few reasons why online marketing is more effective than traditional marketing:

· Next-Level Audience Engagement:

Social Media Marketing provides you the opportunity to interact with more and more audience. You can also engage with your audience through innovative personal messaging techniques such as chatbots.

· More Sales with Less Cost:

In past time, brands and companies would spend millions per year in advertising and they target mostly local and national audience. With digital marketing, you can reach a global audience on a very little budget per year.

· Real-Time Tracking Better Targeting:

Digital Marketing allows you to track and analyze data in order to understand how effective is your campaign going and measure your overall ROI.  In traditional marketing, you can’t track your campaign accurately.

Data that you get from digital marketing analysis can use to target your audience in a much effective manner and with artificial intelligence, this is going to be more perfect.

Where to Start Your Digital Marketing Career?

Here I write down some important things that you can do to start building your digital marketing career right now. It’ll not take a lot of time and you can do it from the comfort of your home

  • Learn some design and technology basics by building a demo website
  • Take everything you learned from your traditional marketing and put it in digital marketing
  • Explore different social media platforms
  • Learn new trends and technologies
  • Find a valuable, comprehensive and updated Digital Marketing Course and get certified


Digital Marketing is a huge field that worth looking if you want to explore any aspect of the business or marketing industry. You can polish your skills in many areas or just one and see yourself working in the digital marketing world. One best thing in digital marketing is you can work remotely. It means you can travel and work, you can do your home task and still follow a path towards an exciting career.


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