Off page seo

5 best OFF Page SEO Techniques

Off page seo

Off Page SEO in Search Engine Optimization is leading key factor in Digital marketing. In the first place it refers to not only make your website more visible but also place high ranking in search engine result page. In addition SEO has two techniques to make your website more valuable in search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo results.

On-Page SEO refers all the elements and methods you do on your website page. It includes all the things like title, description, content and internal liking etc to make your website visible in search engine results. As the matter of fact on-page SEO just makes your website visible in search engine results, it has no effect on website rank in SERP.

Off-Page SEO refers all the techniques to make your website highly ranked in Search Engine Result Page. It is a technique that can make your website popular over the internet.

There are many Off-Page SEO techniques that are so easy. In the light of my experience, here I covered 5 most important and helpful off page SEO techniques that are most compiling evidence to generate healthy results for your website

1.   Social Bookmarking:

In order to increase your page rank, one of best techniques on search engines is “Social Bookmarking”. Bookmark your blog post or web page on popular social bookmarking websites. It’ll make your rank good on search engine result page and you’ll see the high number of traffic directing towards your website or blog.

Here I make a list of famous social bookmarking websites:

2.   Social Media Engagement:

In the case you have good social media following, social media engagement is core part of OFF Page SEO technique. People are using social media platforms to be in touch with each other and number of persons on social media is increasing day by, if you want to make your website more visible, make his social media appearance strong. Engage with peoples on different social media platforms frequently and get more links from authentic websites.

Here I covered the famous social media websites links

3.   Forum Submission:

Generally speaking, one of most important OFF Page SEO technique is forum submission. Make a strong bonding with the community working on your same niche. Entertain their queries, share your suggestion according to your experience and give them advice that can help them in a better way. Include “Do-Follow” forums technique in your off page SEO strategy and you will get good rank obviously.

Here is a list of popular forums

4.   Blog Directory Submission:

In the middle Of Page, SEO provides you an opportunity to create quality backlinks by using Blog Directory Submission. Blog Directory submission takes some time to give you quality results but it has long-lasting results. Select the best directory and proper category according to your website niche.

Without delay here is the list of website where you can submit your blog directory.

5.   Article Submission:

In the long run, one of healthy technique in OFF Page SEO is Article Submission. Submit your article on a submission directory having excellent PR. They will also allow you to link your website to it. Avoid plagiarism in your content. In this case, unique and Relative content will give you an outstanding result. Article submission websites don’t accept low quality or keyword stuffed content. Choose relevant category according to your niche and give your content a new touch to be explored in front of the valuable audience.

Here I summed most relevant websites where you can submit your articles

in the final analysis of my words, important to realize these OFF Page Techniques and get high rank in search engine result page.


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