Social media marketing trends in pakistan

Social Media Marketing Trends in Pakistan

Social media marketing trends in pakistan


Social Media Marketing Trend:

In the first place, we live in the rapidly changing world. As all things are changing so we can measure a lot of changes in digital marketing too. Latest technology development covers many techniques in digital marketing such as e-commerce, social media networks, interactive media and user-generated videos.

With these changes, it is necessary for all organization to adopt these new trends of marketing as much as they can. it will help them to survive in the rapidly changing industry. No matter either they are small, medium or large brand with reference to Pakistan industry. These new trends can make you able to reach to more audience and get more sales. People are using the internet more and it is the positive sign for E-Marketing to bring change.

Social Media Marketing Trend in Pakistan:

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn etc have made an extraordinary impact on our lives.  It changes the way of user communication. User shares their knowledge and establishes links with each other. These communications create trust level among people and it is the core reason behind social networks success. Social media marketing is the process of building the relationship with your customers to exchange your products that satisfy both parties.

Like all other countries, social media websites have become the essential part of individual life in Pakistan. These sites are delivering more impact on people’s thoughts. Traditional marketing is use and works only for business purposes. On the other hand, social media influence in individual’s private life. It is the reason why social media marketing offers many firms to use this new medium for marketing.

Unlike the other country, in Pakistan, social media marketing is not taken seriously. There are some organizations that have shown their interest in social media marketing but yet they are not working and focusing it seriously. Rather they are not using it or using it without serious behavior. Social media has power to explore new marketing ways with the help of their registered users, without knowing who they are.

Tagged based Marketing:

Social media networks like Facebook featured many options for creating groups, events or social ads. These features are used to entertain the audience and enterprise by all means. These options have their own limitations too.

Tagging facility on facebook introduces new concept of marketing “Tagged based marketing”. In other words, organizations can tag their target audience and develop their trust upon their products.


People physically meetings are decreased. They spend more time in browsing friend’s profiles, playing games, gossiping and chatting with each other. This new trend insists brands to change the way of their marketing strategy. Jump into this new strategy. Facebook has more than 5 million users right now and this number is increasing day by day. With this success, organizations are needed to think how to jump and survive in this new domain.

How are international brands using social media marketing? From which method they give exposure to their product? Above all which technique they are using to target people through social media networks? Social media platforms provide many marketing tools for social advertisement. Brands in Pakistan need to think about it. Most of them are not doing it.

Of course, youth spends most of their time on social media. Whenever they use social media they got new things. Social media marketing can play a core role in advertising of any brand. Around 50% of organizations are agreed to pick this social media marketing trend in Pakistan and develop their audience trust upon them.


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