Which social media platform is best for your business

Which Social Media Platform is best for Your Business?

Which social media platform is best for your business

There is no longer any question of the importance of social media platform. Every business that wants to remain in front of his competitors needs social media tools. According to 92% marketers, social media helps them to expose their business. Its mean that companies those aren’t using social media, missing out on a huge opportunity.

Getting started with social media is not easy. It seems to be more complicated than you think. Choosing a right social media platform is core part of social media marketing strategy. It’ll also not an easy task. There are the bunch of social media platforms and these are increasing day by day. You have to determine which one is best and which platform will give you the exposure you’re wishing. Sooner or later you need to measure which social media platform will meet your marketing objectives.

Narrowing Down Your Choices:

Social media platforms can be used for multiple purposes. From sharing your hobbies to connect with new people, social media platforms can be used for multiple purposes. Different social media platforms use different methods for making your presence on them. You need to spend more time on that social media platform that gets the most traffic.

From all social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest have most monthly active users.

Define Your Goals:

There are many perks offered by social media platforms. Important is that you have to specify your goals before you move forward. It will help you in choosing right social media platform, content you need to create an audience you will target. Here are some advantages offered by social media platforms

  • Your customers can reach to you on another platform. It will help you to give them instant reply to their feedbacks and queries.
  • You can reach to new customers and new people that might be the customer of your product or services.
  • It will make you able to get know about your customer needs and increase your sales by meeting customer needs.

Examine the Type of Your Content:

On social media platforms, there are various types of content that people published. You need to identify which type of content works better for your brand. Your content type depends upon different things according to your industry, niche, and your target audience.

Choose best social media platform for your business:

To help you in deciding your social media platform, here I write different platforms specifications and what they can good for.


Facebook is largest social media platform with more than 2 billion monthly active users. On this platform, there is the audience of all ages from all over the world.

Facebook has fantastic advertising features. You can generate the good lead by targeting your specific audience. You can customize your facebook campaign according to your needs. Facebook is good for showing your business human side to your audience.

Any type of content can run on facebook but try to use most relevant and unique content which give the best impression about your business. Catchy content can help you to convert your visitor into your customer. Facebook is excellent social media platform for targeting more audience but keep in mind that there is also a huge competition on it.


Twitter is instant social media platform. It is the best option for you in case your business is about announcements, breaking news or important message. Twitter has the high number of users under 50 years so, the digestible textual content shows more results on it. Quotation, how to articles and listicles are the best options for twitter to write. Images show good result than videos on twitter but still, the text is king on Twitter.


LinkedIn is the B2B business platform. It is the best option for creating lead generation. LinkedIn is best social media platform if you want to establish your company as the trusted leader in your field. All you need is to build authority for your brand and generate leads through your conversations. LinkedIn has the different audience than others. Most of LinkedIn users are having age from 30 to 49.

Secrete for choosing your social media platform is to identify your business goals. All you need is to select a best social media platform, write unique content on niche and start having audience/customers on your business.


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