social media update

Social Media Updates You May have Missed

social media update

Have you seen the latest social media updates? No? Don’t worry here’s a recap of all recent social media updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, LinkedIn, Pintrest

1)   Facebook:

Facebook introduced a new feature “Snooze”. Instead of un-follow or un-friend a page or people you can ‘Snooze’ them. This feature is currently being tested among United States Facebook users. This option will appear after clicking on drop-down menu next to person, page or group.

Another amazing feature is in testing mood which is “Instant Videos”. Videos will be downloaded and saved into cache while using a wifi network and user can watch videos on mobile without their data packages consumption. Instant Videos will show like Facebook’s instant articles having a lighting blot icon on it.

Couple of months ago, Facebook offer support for 360-degree videos and photos. Now, they will amaze their users by allowing them to capture 360-degree photos with in mobile app and this feature will be available on both Android and iOS.

Last but not least, Facebook is taking hard stance against the sharing of fake news and rumors among audience. Pages which are spreading rumors and fake news repeatedly will be ban from advertisement from Facebook.

2)   Instagram:

Instagram is following Snap-chat, they are going to give Snap-chat like stories to their mobile web. When user will logged into Instagram using mobile web browser he will now see stories at the top of his feed and can swap left or right for forward or backward skipping. It will give opportunity to users to view stories on large screen instead of those small mobile screens.

Instagram user can share their stories to Facebook. This featured is confirmed by Instagram without noting when or where it will be deployed.

3)   Twitter:

Twitter is going to double its signature which is 140 characters now and will extend to 280 characters. It’ll provide room to peoples for express themselves.

Don’t try it yet. As this feature is only being rolled out to a small test group of people. If this test will be successful, twitter will roll it out to everyone.

Another amazing update in twitter is “Popular Articles”. It will show you top articles trending in your connection. You can open Popular Articles by opening the twitter app and tapping search tab. On this screen, you’ll find sections as trending topics.

4)   LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is previously providing upload video feature only to testing group, now everyone having LinkedIn account can upload video on his profile. Whether it is video game or your speech or explanation of any product, LinkedIn is providing you opportunity to showcase yourself and your work effectively.

5)   Pinterest:

Pinterest covered a big achievement by having 200 million active users, which mean they growth 40% as compare to last year. More than 50% of Pinterest user live outside the United State.  Company also published that over 100 billion accounts have been created and 85% of their searches are on mobile devices.


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