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5 Secretes to Become a Professional Content Writer:

professional content writer

Working as a writer is dream but not for everyone.  Some writers are there to create the description for products and some turn out to be the technical writer at leading blogs. However, some writers have a better chance of writing quality content than they do for becoming a best-selling author.

Professional content writers seem to enjoy a dreamed life – they work at their own schedules, from their own place and work as much or as little as they please but unfortunately the major amount of content writers have a hard time making a living of it. The reason behind this unfortunate is lack of skills and knowledge necessary to succeed.

Let’s take a tour to How you can become a professional content writer:

1-    Professional Content Writer Must has diversity in his/her writing styles:

Each form of writing has its own unique style therefor-writer must masters in all writing styles.  For example, Blogging is friendly, pleasant and sometimes political. A product description is short and persuasive while discussing a problem and provides the solution is long. Regardless, each and every writing style is content and each style writer makes them more update, appreciated and marketable so, to become a professional content writer you must have the grip on all up-to-date writing styles.

2-    Professional Content Writer doesn’t pick casual subjects:

In content writing, idealization is the process of searching a subject, title and way to write about.  Ideas are generated by a group of individuals but in case of freelance, writers create the idea on their own.

Before doing that, professional content writers need to:

  • Recognize their target audience. If you hear who is going to read your content it’ll help you to create content what they want to read. You write for peoples, not for your own-self, not for your company, not for your brand.
  • Be in touch with competitor’s content. What professional content are others in your same industry sharing? Use content audit to know what your competitors are sharing, who is linking to their content, blogging about it, tweeting it and posting it elsewhere.
  • Create a touchy title. After you have keyword, competitor and audience knowledge, take your time, choose your subject and create a title that will interest readers. The title insists audience read. Title and meta description is most important words in your post

3- Professional Writers write Real Content:

If you want to earn a good reputation in the industry, you must write original content. It sounds odd with thousands of people writing about the same subject, but it’s easier than it seems difficult. Don’t forget you are much talented to bring a unique voice to the different viewpoint or new touch to existing subject.

One of the worst impression of your content is Plagiarism. Plagiarized content make your reputation/article index down which is bad for your client and even worst for your own-self. So, one of a most important secret to becoming a professional writer is avoid plagiarism. Always use an online tool to check for plagiarism before submitting your work. With huge content in the market out there, there is a possibility of accidentally duplicate writing.

4-  To be Professional Content writer learn SEO/Html/CSS and WordPress:

Relax! You don’t need to learn all of this completely. All you need to know is few basics concepts. Although WordPress themes have various automatic functions sometimes Html/text is the only way to make your text appear the way you want it. Maybe you need to manipulate the code to make a title tag or sort out a spacing issue. So, learning the basics is worth your time.

SEO skill is also a critical part. Search engines algorithms change time to time and to be a professional writer you must have to keep up-to-date. Well, one thing is always constant that is Quality, not quantity. If you know how to write in-depth content from a unique point of view, congratulation! You’ll be in demand.

5-    Are you Social Media specialist? Content writing is piece of cake for you:

Your personality recognition is important. Social media platforms put everything in you need on your plate. Meet with publishers and create relations with industry experts. Build your own audience. The fun starts after your writing is published. Recommendations for your content likely depend on how much you are active on social media. To be a professional writer you must active, public and friendly on social media.

So, think again about writing “Professionalism”. In content writing case it stops being a word on paper. Professional content writers born to marketing, have SEO in their sleep and a walking encyclopedia of social media. With the right skill set, you’ll get a dreamed job in the world and a bright future too.


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