Ranking signals to count

The Top 5 Ranking Signals to count in 2018

Ranking signals to count

Google gives new ranking signals on every year and it does continue from past 6 years. For this year 2018, mobile page speed looks to win the game and you need to focus on.

There are almost 1 billion websites over the internet, point is that how to be much awesome to make your footprint in all of it? One thing is sure that all the ranking factors of Google are sketched to create a better user experience.

In 2018, ranking signals are still here to adapt to the user and with a little SEO knowledge and creativity, you can rank your website well. While there are a lot of ranking signals, I mentioned the five which I considered being the most important for this year.

Here are five ranking factors that will matter in 2018:

1. Write High-Quality Content:

First ranking signals to count is write high-quality content. Have you ever heard someone said, “I don’t need content with the best quality on the website”? Never!

Content is still standing as king. The quality of content for website and blog is still typical point in this year. Your content needs to provide that information which your searcher is looking for. Creating content, posts or pages which have no real value can come back to you without targeting any aim. You need to say Thank you to Google’s Panda and Fred algorithm update.

Some industry giants like Apple and eBay aren’t wearing the content crown. The content hurt both giants.

High-quality content is all about creating words that matter. It’s about to increase time on page, lower bounce rate as well as provides easy content for the user to understand. Blogs and guides with high-quality content are those which user and search engines want.

Despite the fact that some experts say keyword research is not needed to rank, keyword research is still the important element to create quality content as it works as a roadmap to content creation.

Through a little hard work on data mining and competitor research, you can find keywords that have high click-through rate with average search volume for your audience. SEO industry continues to whisper a lot of negative about keyword research, you need to find your focus keyword and torn to topics suited for your audience.

By creating content with high-quality content for your blog, website or guide, you develop a friendly, inviting and warm place for your audience and search engines to make them confident in your place.

2. Make Your Website Secure (HTTPS):

One of the important ranking signals is making your website secure with https. Google announced HTTPS as a ranking factor back in 2014. Switching to HTTPS won’t harm your website but there have been multiple changes due to this announcement. A year ago, Dr. Pete J. Meyers told that 30% of Google first page results that Moz announced were using HTTPS.

45 percent of internet users use Google Chrome. Google announced in back 2017 that all the websites will be flag as “not secure” in the URL bar which isn’t HTTPS. So it means that Google thinks HTTPS is essential.

One critical part of shifting from HTTP to HTTPS is it can also bring a lot of errors if not done properly. Although it doesn’t show a powerful impact on SEO by itself the chrome update may mean that you need to focus on HTTPS in 2018 and it has worth.

3. Make Your Website Mobile Friendly:

Remember that time when you need to create a mobile version of your website with m.URL.com was the best thing to do? Well, it’ll not harm you now too but most of the websites are moving away from mobile URL and toward making a responsive website instead. Mobile friendly websites are favorite when it comes to ranking signals.

Although Google doesn’t openly favor any one set way of the mobile website either it’s responsive or separate URLs when it comes to rankings, a responsive website is always on their priorities.

Google has told that responsive design is their algorithm friendly and whenever you make things easy for search engines to improve their results, the search engine also give you good ranking as thank you note.

4. Improve Your User Experience:

User experience is the core part when it comes to ranking a website. it is one of the major ranking signals. If you don’t think about user experience, your website will end up in the trash next to your laptop. Most of the people will stop engaging with a website if the design, the layout is not attractive.

The search engine looks a web page multiple times to see the amount of time a user spent on a website before moving to the next or previous page. If you want to be successful in search engines results than designing a user experience with a nicely wrapped SEO. It’ll help you to rank well in very short time.

5. Optimize Your Page Speed

Google has announced that page speed will be a factor that will count for ranking a website and it’s starting in July. Mobile first-page index is making its presence strong this year and it may be the next Google preference.

Page speed is also an important factor that needs to be in the eye while making your SEO strategy for 2018. The faster your sites load, the more visitors and revenues you’ll earn out on.

There is bunch tool available in the market to test the website’s average page speed. And, at the same time, there are many fixes. These fixes are relatively easy for who knows what he is doing, for example, minifying JavaScript.

Your Turn:

Ranking signals work in a combination to show marketers its awesomeness. This means a more reliable and comprehensive SEO strategy for better SEO in 2018 and coming years.

As the page speed factor, user experience, and other factors continue to change all over this year, rest assured that SEO only focus on quality and ease for the user and this is what will help you move up in the search engines results.


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