Top 5 SEO Tools from Google

SEO tools are the best partner for you while making the SEO strategy. It can help you to figure out what to do for making your site presence strong over the internet. What if the search engine gives its own tools to understand what matters most to him?

Here is the list of top 5 SEO tools offered by Google

1. Page Speed Insights:

Page load speed is one of important elements to count while ranking a website. Google Page Speed Insights provides a score according to your website speed and also gives you tips on how you can improve your page load speed. It’ll indicate specifically those styles sheets and scripts which are making your site speed down. It’ll also suggest you the ideal size of images on your website and show you the images that are big to make your site slow.

Why you should use Page Speed Insights:

Page speed insight doesn’t only give you valuable solutions for hidden issues affecting your page speed directly; it’s also a very important resource to understand what actually those issues are. The best thing about Page Speed Insights is that it redirects to a Google developer page with each highlighted error and on that page, you can find a lot of information.

2. TestMySite:

TestMySite is one of the amazing SEO tools offered by Google. This tool is used for site auditing and generally has two metrics:

  • Estimated time a site takes to load on a 3G mobile network
  • Approximately number of users that loss due to loading time

TestMySite is a good starting point. It’ll give you a quick snapshot of the speed health of your website. The best part of TestMySite is that it offers a complete email report with suggestions for speed health of particular web page of your website.

Why You Should Use TestMySite:

TestMySite gives the same information that you can get with Page Speed Insights too but as compare to Page Speed Insights, you can get thumbnail overview of your page speed health. And if you need to know how to fix speed issues, then you’ll need the help of Google’s Page Speed Insights.

3. Chrome Lighthouse

Lighthouse is a lite SEO tools for review a site. Its measurement is dependent on ten metrics.  The best thing about chrome lighthouse is, it can be downloaded and install as an extension in chrome. Following are the metrics that matter to Google and lighthouse work for it

  • HTTPS Status Code
  • Title Elements
  • Viewport Meta Tag
  • Descriptive text on Links
  • Validates Hreflang
  • Checks if document avoids browser plugins for viewing
  • Page Status for Successful Crawling & Indexing
  • Validates font legibility for mobile devices
  • Validates rel=canonical
  • Meta Description

Why Should You Use Lighthouse SEO Tool?

I don’t deny this fact that Lighthouse is the SEO tool with lightweight to review the site and it can be dismissed easily. You can feel its importance by this element that it works on those 10 metrics that matter for Google. If it’s important for Google, it should be the same important for you too.

4. Safe Browsing Test:

Another perfect tool from SEO tools bucket of Google is Safe Browsing test. It makes you able to detect any malware on your site. An amazing feature of Safe Browsing Test is that it also gives the last date your site was tested. Finding and removing a malware on your site will make your website more secure and trustworthy for you and for search engines too.

Why You Should Use the Safe Browsing Test Tool:

Safe Browsing Test is necessary to make your site secure. It provides you valuable information about whether it’s hosting malware or not. At the same time, it also indicates you how often your site is updated and crawled over search engines.

5. Google Trends:

Google Trends is another valuable SEO tool offered by Google. It gives you information about keywords, its popularity as well as segments the information with respect to time and geographical location.

Time segment offered by Google Trends can give you an idea of how time affects keywords. The best thing about Google Trends is that it also indicates if any keyword is losing popularity. If a keyword is going down in trend, it indicates that the audience is losing their trust in that particular search.

Why You Should Use Google Trends:

Google Trends is important for doing research on your niche competition. It shows you how the audience is searching your competitors. The trend line in Google Trends indicates how any keywords is going, up or down or steady. For sure, your competitor trend line that is going down is a good signal and at the same time trending up is bad.

A steady trend line shows that your competitors are doing well. In this case, you’ll need to find their weakness and make them your power to rely upon user consideration.

These are the most famous 5 SEO tools offered by Google. Mark them in your SEO tool list and Say hello to your site good ranking!


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