best digital marketing institute

Which One is best? Digital Marketing Institute or Free Learning Resources on Google?”

best digital marketing institute

If someone wants to pursue his/her career in digital marketing he have many questions. Whether they should enroll in a professional Digital Marketing training institute or should they take online training courses?

Yes, it’s true that internet has the answer to almost every question.

This article will give you a brief answer to the question “Which One is best? Digital Marketing Institute or Free Learning Resources available on Internet”

As for the learning, let me ask some questions. Why do we need to go to university for any graduation degree? What the reason do people prefer to go for the degree which is more of computer expert courses?  Why do people give priority to choose institutes for certification courses like Android Development, front and back-end development, Cloud computing and much more? Don’t you think that if you search on Google or on any other website that gives you training on your skills free of cost through videos, documents or through any other helping material and just asks you to fill up a traditional small form?

So does this mean that people are not familiar with how to search for these courses online? Or they have extra money so they choose to pay for training at institute instead of learning it online for free.

Advantages of learning digital marketing with online free resources:

  • As compared to the full-time class course, the cost of an online course in nothing. It is absolutely free.
  • Online free courses provide you comfortable learning environment. You can study in your pajamas at your own chosen time from the comfort of your home even from your workplace. No physical class session positioned so you don’t have to go anywhere.
  • Whenever you need to sort out a query, you may find the answer from questions and answers forums or from support center.
  • The best part of online studying is that you don’t have to face hassle. No traffic, no pre-planning required for getting early in the morning and traveling to your destination, no expenditure on fuel or public transport

Disadvantages of learning digital marketing with online free resources:

  • The main con of online learning is Lack of personal guidance. No one is there to guide you towards your success path.
  • Generally, in-depth and complex knowledge is not available for free. Though you can get content online on websites like YouTube or Wikipedia, you need to be specific while searching where it’ll challenging for new bees as they are in the learning process.
  • No proper learning structure available in online free courses.
  • Vast information available in online free courses making it difficult for newcomers to focus.
  • Free online courses usually rely on self-learning. The problem is time management and motivation needs to stay on top of your work. Now, this is the ERA of digital marketing where you can’t spend years in learning but grab the opportunity of earning more by up-skilling and getting a hike or by being a successful industrialist.

Even “Deepak Karnataka”  one of the famous and successful Authors/speakers in the field of Digital Marketing write in one of his blogs “ I had to learn the entire subject by myself and it took me almost 9 years to establish thought leadership.”

Here is the screenshot of the same:

Advantages of Learning from Digital Marketing Institute:

  • Institutes focus on personal assistance which will be useful especially for entrepreneurs and those who joined organizations with online marketing profile recently.
  • You will get an opportunity of clarifying your doubts.
  • Learn digital marketing in a structured manner.
  • Many of training institutes provide jobs during or after training.
  • Some of the digital marketing institutes have relations with digital marketing agencies and hence provide you the benefits of the internship and live projects.

Disadvantages of Learning from Digital Marketing Institute:

  • Digital marketing is a vast field with many specializations. Institutes cannot give the complete Digital Marketing in one shot. Neither the student will be able to grasp all the portions of internet marketing.
  • You need to enroll in multiple courses. Basic digital marketing and advanced level with specialization for say Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing to hit your targeted goal.
  • Even if you take training from an institute you need to keep updating your skill with going through latest blogs, videos, and forums to get touch with latest technologies and tactics for Digital Marketing.

Best Approach:

I have told about all the pros and cons of online free resources and training from the institution. The best approach to becoming digital marketer is learning from an institute. Experience and updating your skill with online resources. Also, it is suggested to check online about what is digital marketing. What are job requirements, responsibilities, and roles? What soft skills should possess to be a successful online marketer? Make a move towards it.


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