Ever green content

How to Write Ever Green Content?

Ever green content

As evergreen tree is the symbol of long-lasting things, evergreen content use ideas that remains active over a long time. The only question is: how you can write an evergreen content? Is there any standard that needs to meet? Can you really make it long lasting?

Keep reading; you’ll get all the guidelines to create evergreen content if you follow these steps

1. Think Sustainable vs. Timeless:

There are two types of evergreen content. One that remains relevant regardless of passing time and changing trends; second is that which lose its importance over time if it is not updated according to the changes in technology or culture.

“How to” guides are best practice for writing evergreen content. Guides on “How to plant a Rose?” or “How to tie shoelaces?” will not change over next 50 year. At the same time, guide about “How to Download Music on your iPhone from Safari” is something different.

The second guide will remain evergreen content as long as you update the content regarding changes in iPhone and Safari. Both of these types of “How to Guides” represents different kinds of evergreen content; the first one is relevant over a long time and the second one is also relevant but if edited and updated time to time.

By putting a blog on your website, you will be able to produce information that is relevant and up-to-date with recent trends. Regular blogging makes you able to bring new eyes to evergreen content.

2. Social Is Fleeting, But a Vehicle for Evergreen:

Social media marketing aspects won’t change over time. Making your presence strong on social media platforms, focus on your target location, engaging with people, and entertaining the audience queries are forms of evergreen social media marketing.

Although social media is not a good platform for showing the human side of your brand but by producing evergreen content with longer shelf life, you can increase your brand value and audience engagement. Every business on social media has its own target audience so, produce content according to your target audience. A successful evergreen social media campaign focused on strategy firstly and execution lately.

As in all other elements, creativity is core part when it comes to creating evergreen content. In your starting days of business, a touch of pure imagination in your content can produce better results. It insists your visitors and gives them a reason to share your content on their social media profiles. So have some fun elements in your social media content.

3. Let Your Content Flourish:

One negative thing in producing evergreen content is many websites fill their blog with evergreen content and wait to see them buried by new blog posts. You need to put an effort to make your evergreen content updated according to new technologies. You can also remove the date stamp and re-share your content over social media platforms. A date is important only for new posts.

4. Evergreen Has Many Forms:

There is a possibility that your website or blog has a bunch of evergreen content that you’ve never count thought much about. Some excellent examples of evergreen content are here:

  • “How To” Guides
  • Industry Resources
  • Tutorials
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Collection of Terms and Phrases
  • Articles on History
  • Testimonials

Maybe you don’t have these elements on your website but these are the great piece to start creating your evergreen content. Evergreen information is not write only in text, it can be write-in forms of videos, info-graphics or images too.

· Final Tips for Writing Ever Green Content:

There’s no doubt that evergreen content can drive a huge traffic to your blog or website. Here are my final tips for writing quality evergreen content

  • Your content should seem timeless. Avoid all the elements that may appear your content old. Write content that looks fresh at every time.
  •  Content on your blog is an image of your business. Align your content according to your business and ask yourself “What does your brand to be known for?”
  • Use emotions, your content should touch audience feelings. They need to appreciate your efforts and sometimes even be entertained.
  • Avoid placing Dates- Adding a date to your content can immediately make it “old”.


Evergreen content creation doesn’t mean that your blog shouldn’t post up-to-date content or you have to inform, educate and help your audience. At the same time, creating content that shows you fulfilling their needs and want to assist them with valuable information for today and many days and years in future is the best technique to create evergreen content and it’ll pay off for your business.


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