Do seo boring tasks quickly

How to write SEO Friendly Content?

Do seo boring tasks quickly

Initially, it is very difficult for new content writer to make content that is more keyword rich. You can write high quality and engaging content to make it shareable. Creating readable content that is properly optimized is really the content writing goal without meaning your role or industry in which you’re working.

Here are my tips to learn more about how you can make SEO friendly and high-ranking content.

  • Get Cozy with Your Audience:

An effective piece of content is not only technically set up for SEO but also well-composed. With the placement of right keywords, you’ll also need to compose your content in a way that it engages and add value to audience life in true meanings. So, before selecting your keywords, you need to think about the audience requirements and value and build on that.

Content writers always do research and testing to figure out their audience interest. So, writing a good content is a continuous task. However, high-quality content will win both, the heart of the reader as well as search engines.

  • Use the Right Tools:

Search Engine Optimization is a complex industry. It is the reason why content writers and SEO specialist paid well to do it. Most of the digital marketers don’t have deep knowledge of SEO due to its complex and changing environment. The good point is that there are a bunch of SEO tools to do the basic task for you and help you get a deep understanding of what’ll be going to have on your website or content copy.

If you have a WordPress based website, you can use Yoast plugin which is best WordPress tool to make your posts more SEO-friendly. Yoast will perform all of your On-page SEO and you can perform it easily as a beginner. Google offers a complete suite of optimization tools like Google Keyword Planner etc. These tools can help you to analyze your traffic as well as rank your keywords in a better way.

There are many blogs that offer brief knowledge of search engine optimization. SEMRush and MOZ can help you with varying levels of SEO knowledge to help your content rank high in all search engines. Give a read to these websites regularly and polish your skills constantly.

  • Create a Keyword Strategy:

Writing of SEO-friendly content is all about keywords. All of your ranking factors based on keywords. So, you need to learn how to write a content that is based on your keywords that you selected previously. One of best ways for this simply enters your own search terms in search engines and see what results you get. Pattern your keywords according to most popular search results.

One more important element is latent semantic indexing (LSI). It refers to specific words that refer and match the theme of your copy; LSI is mostly based on your secondary keywords. If you make your website structure according to LSI, you’ll get a chance to be a step ahead of many of your market competitors when it comes to ranking in search engines.

  • Headlines for the Win:

Your headlines are the first impression on your readers as well as on search engines. Make it SEO-friendly and helpful. Grab your audience attention by using catchy words and hooks in your headlines. It doesn’t need to be on the top but enough unique to attain the user’s interest. The best suggestion for writing headlines is to make them simple, short and use active language instead of passive.

  • Optimize for Mobile:

We’re living in a mobile era, and there is no doubt in the fact that it is mostly used platforms when it comes to searches. Google has launched mobile-first indexing. It means that mobile gets priority over the desktop computers. Your content must be optimized with the focus of mobile indexing in your mind.

  • Don’t Do Keyword Stuffing:

Keyword stuffing refers the more than enough use of keywords on each page. It affects your content ranking directly and drops its ranking. You need to use your keywords in a way that they flow with the text. Keyword density depends on your ranking, strategy, and industry as well. Ideal keyword density avoids keyword stuffing and as a result, give you best ranking in SERPs.

  • Track Everything:

Successful content writers track their performance all the time. For this purpose, there is no better tool than Google Analytics. You need to check and analyze your keywords constantly. Another way to do this is view industry queries on industry giants like Quora and Reddit.

Important key performance indicators are page views, social engagement, and bounce rate. These elements should be working according to your keyword strategy. It’ll help you to generate next step of your digital marketing campaign.

  • Linking:

Internal and external linking are major factors when it comes to optimization of your content. Always pay attention to it. Linking is a solid source for creating better value for your user as well as can boost your page ranking. Link from reputable and popular website working on your same niche can work as a game changer for your website ranking. A best practice for linking is to publish a press release on your site that links to a popular influencer.

  • Cover Trends:

Leave a room in your content strategy to create copies on trending topics. I’m promising you that by following trends you’ll get a great increment in your site traffic. Obviously, it needs to be relevant with your business or website niche, but when you do it perfectly and publish a content that goes viral, it can really put your name permanent in the industry for a long time.

  • A Picture Says More than a Thousand Words:

Interactive and catchy content is something that your audience going to be seeing more and more time. Images, photos, illustrations, and info-graphics can work better than words. You need to be careful with your images description including the tags you use in YouTube videos.

  • Previews and Descriptions:

Every content copy has specific one or two sections that are keys to ensuring optimal SEO. When it comes to Google, it has Meta descriptions that are preview in search engine pages and even in social media platforms. These descriptions need to be crafted in a clever way that gains user interest and boosts your search engine rankings. The same thing can be applied to your content introduction.


If you have a digital marketing team and want to make your presence strong in searches, you need to hire both experienced content writers as well as a creative content strategist to develop a content strategy. It’ll help you to build strong brand awareness and make your website skyrocket to the top of the search engine results pages.


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